Neutral Earthy Long and Narrow Modern Hallway Flatweave Runner Kilim Rug 11003

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Size: 4 ft 5 in x 20 ft (1.35 m x 6.1 m)

An Artistic More Tribal Design Neutral Earthy Color Long and Narrow Size Modern Hallway Flatweave Runner Kilim Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Interior designers adore anything that reminds you of the natural world. Recently, the concept of dopamine decorating has become the new buzzword. This word simply means creating a space that makes you feel good. To achieve this effect, designers are turning to colors and patterns that remind you of the natural world. The gorgeous browns and organic pattern of this modern rug helps you to bring an earthy charm to your interior space.

The pattern on this neutral color rug reminds you of many things in the natural world from ocean wages to fish or snake skin. It has movement and creates a dynamic feel in the space. The shifting browns are warm and soothing. Neutrals continue to be a key element of modern design, but the tendency is toward shades on the warmer end of the scale. This more tribal design modern flatweave runner rug has a range of browns in its palette, and the richness of the deeper tones gives it an inviting feel.

Combining curvy shapes with linear ones creates balance in the space and gives it a more casual feel. When placed in a longer hallway or a larger space, this allover design rug will break up the lines and make it feel a little more intimate. This modern flatweave rug will complement creams and ivories, and you could add a touch of butter brass, or copper to reflect the light.

This beautiful, unique kilim rug is a fascinating, creative piece that adds an organic feel to a long, narrow space. Adding a few plants or sculptural pieces will enhance the artistry and a perfect space that makes you feel calm and relaxed. Browns will continue to become a bigger part of the design world. You can use them in traditional color palettes, such as brown and blue. If you wish, you can try something new, like pairing them with pinks or grays. The pattern and color of this long and narrow hallway runner rug create interest and are sure to spark many conversations among guests.

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