Persian Qashqai Soccer Field Rug

Antique Persian Qashqai Soccer Field Rug Is A World Cup Celebration

Soccer has been most popular sport in the world long before most Americans got the soccer bug. Unless you live under a rock, on the bottom of the deep ocean floor, then you are well aware that the world cup is hitting its stride and the world has once again gone soccer crazy! What better way to celebrate this world uniting event than with a beautiful antique Persian Qashqai soccer field rug?

Persian Qashqai Soccer Field Rug - Nazmiyal

Persian Qashqai Soccer Field Rug

While this small artistic rug sold within a couple of days of us posting the rug online, we still felt the need to share it with the rest of the world.

This intriguing antique tribal Persian Qashqai rug, was woven around the turn of the 20th century. It displays a fascinating soccer field scene in rich hues and bold geometric patterns that unite to and play off each other in the most fascinating ways.

Despite its small rug size, it exhibits a degree of artistic mastery and pure genius that is rarely matched. Its surface design is characterized by both symmetry and spontaneity, creating a masterpiece that is both mysteriously riveting and structurally satisfying.

Soccer Field Design Antique Persian Qashqai Rug - Nazmiyal

Soccer Field Design Antique Persian Qashqai Rug

The central field of this exciting Persian rug displays an intriguing illustration. The background is a unique conglomerate of striations and stripes that are featured in varying rustic hues, including navy blue, grass green, sandy yellow, earthy brown, and silvery creamy ivory. Seven geometric human figures, which are placed in symmetrical positions across the striped background, are beautifully depicted in a very primitive and tribal format.

The top two figures in the “soccer” field of this antique tribal Persian Qashqai rug are clothed in blue and red. The two figures below them flaunt ivory tunics and the three at the bottom of the antique carpet showcase outfits in unique tones of purple, ivory, coral and red.

Persian Soccer Field Rug Nazmiyal

Persian Soccer Field Rug

Two flagpoles, which each carry a flag with a mysterious black kufic type symbols, are positioned on two opposing sides of the central soccer field. The center of this magnificent tribal rug displays a jagged diamond figure. This central motif boasts checkered with uneven squares of ivory and navy blue, that is meant to represent a soccer ball.

The wide border area contains another fascinating illustration. The top strand displays a rich red colored background with two brown deer images. These beautiful deer are flipped upside down to create a mirror image effect with the other two deer figures depicted on the bottom border strand.

Soccer Field Design Antique Qashqai Persian Rug - nazmiyal

Soccer Field Design Antique Qashqai Persian Rug

Two rows of squares, which display various images such as vases and plants, flank the vertical sides of the soccer field.

This fun little soccer field rug packs a tremendous amount of artistic brilliance into such a small space, and its intrigue is both beautiful and fierce.

While most people may chose to use this rug on the floor, it is such a beautiful and artistic piece that it could easily be displayed as an antique wall hanging tapestry rug.

Regardless of how one may chose to display this magnificent antique soccer field rug, it is sure to enhance any interior design with its tribal beauty and whimsical feel.

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This rug blog about a tribal Persian Qashqai soccer field rug was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs in Manhattan NYC.

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