Beautiful Primitive Animal Motif Tribal Antique Persian Qashqai Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 – Allow this antique Persian Qashqai rug to captivate your imagination. This dreamy Persian rug is a feast for the eyes with literally hundreds of individual plants, animals, flowers and geometric shapes and symbols.

The plant and animal motifs are executed in a magnificently primitive and tribal fashion. This antique tribal rug is filled with design symbols and many of these patterns have old world meanings attached to them. Some represent protective elements to ward off the evil eye, others were incorporated to offer it’s owner good luck, fertility, generosity, peace, joy, happiness and so forth.

The colors of the tribal antique Persian Qashqai rug are warm and rich. It features golds, coral salmons, browns, ivories and blues in magnificent variety of color tones and hues. These brilliantly vivid colors in the  inner guard border and central squares are set against an ivory background; while in the field and border they really pop with vitality and vigor against the darker background colors.

The core design of the rug is based around five squares in the field. The smaller square, at the bottom is the only one that seems “off”. But for all we know, the artist who woven this rug may have done this on purpose.

The four larger squares have uniform patterns that resemble a Celtic knot design in the center. Each one of the central motifs is flanked by four birds and four 8 pointed star design motifs.

The squares themselves form the central theme of the rug. Their coloration and designs are reflected in the inner guard border. This adds quite an impressive feel of balance and cohesiveness.

While this tribal antique Persian Qashqai rug appears to be symmetrical, upon closer examination, one can see just how varied and organic the designs truly are. There is a lot to see in this rug and it will keep the imagination going for hours at a time. It is the kind of area rug that you may keep discovering new and fascinating patterns for years to come.

No matter where you place this antique rug in your home’s interior design, it will be a source of lifelong exquisite beauty.

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