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Interior Designer Spotlight: Madeline Stuart

Kicking off this week with our Interior Designer Spotlight series, we’re taking it all the way over to the west coast. Serving up some serious style in the golden state is LA-based interior design firm, Madeline Stuart and Associates.

This LA-based Interior design firm headed by none other than Madeline herself has made a splash in the field for the last 15 years. Madeline is known for sophisticated style in her interiors as well as in her bold fashion choices.

Interior Decorator Madeline Stuart by nazmiyal

Interior Decorator Madeline Stuart

Stuart has been one of the leading figures in the Los Angeles California interior design community. With her beautiful designs ranging from NY penthouse suites to southwest vacation home getaways. Stuart prides herself on her focus on incorporating architecture, furniture, fashion, and function.

Putting her client’s desires first is a value that Madeline and her firm puts front and center. They are great communicators and combine their interior decorating knowledge with their ability to please.

Interior Design by Madeline Stuart and Associates Nazmiyal

Malibu Living Room Interior Design by Madeline Stuart and Associates

Notoriously known for her swanky and chic designs that focus on key signature focal pieces and statement furniture, Madeline Stuart’s interiors are severely sophisticated with vibrant color pops tied together by signature design elements that are indicative of her clients, their personalities, and their wants.

No to mention, her avid attention to detail that comes along with her passion for architecture and restoration truly set Stuart’s designs apart from the rest of the design field.

Family Room Decorated by Madeline Stuart Interiors Nazmiyal

Family Room Decorated by Madeline Stuart Interiors

Flipping homes and restoring them are a major skill that Stuart has come to master. Her work has been published in numerous publications including: AD, Elle Decor, House and Garden, Home Beautiful, and more. So next time you are looking for an interior design expert or simply want some inspiration, take a look at her website and see some of the many projects Madeline has worked on over the years.

This interior design blog about the iconic decorator, Madeline Stuart interior design, was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs which is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, NYC.

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