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New Jersey Interior Designer Philip La Bossiere

(This post about interior decorator Philip La Bossiere was originally published on June 29, 2011)

Interior designer Philip La Bossiere asserts, “I am not a beige guy in any sense of the word” in reference to both his colorful interiors and his exuberant personality. He has spent the past twenty-plus years cultivating his reputation as a sincere, hands-on decorator with timeless and unexpected design schemes. Always excited by antique and Continental furniture, either at auction or abroad, La Bossiere prefers strong contrasts, rich color schemes, and a dash of the exotic. He was educated at Parsons School of Design, and in apprenticeship to renowned designer David Barrett, where he learned to execute designs that are timeless without ever feeling conservative.

La Bossiere Classic Design Nazmiyal

La Bossiere Inc. “classic” interior design.

La Bossiere’s overriding design philosophy is to keep things in context, explaining “there’s a fine line between the unexpected and what is out of place.” He understands the importance of working within the given conditions, from each client’s individual personality and preferences to the budget and characteristics of the physical space. After all, he says, “you can’t turn a contemporary house into an English pub.” He loves textured walls, and often uses raffia or upholstered fabric to bring depth and softness to a space. “In order for a room to be comfortable, it has to look comfortable,” La Bossiere believes. He is partial to dark colors and monochromatic compositions.

Philip La Bossiere Interior Design Nazmiyal

Whimsical interior design by Philip La Bossiere Inc.

Custom design furniture often make their way into his spaces.  Strong working relationships with tradespeople ensure La Bossiere’s design vision is crafted with the utmost level of attention to details and quality. Since opening his practice in 1987, La Bossiere enjoys repeat and referral business. He has been rehired by members of a single family for six different projects. The value he places on relationships, coupled with his ability to interpret the emotional lifestyle of each client, means he often engages in other creative pursuits for his patrons. He has been known to help with party planning and event design, and even decorates one family’s Christmas tree each year.

Philip La Bossiere Interior Design Nazmiyal

Philip La Bossiere’s glamorous interior design.

La Bossiere Associates, Inc. is a boutique design practice; its size allows Philip La Bossiere to be personally involved in each project, maintaining the close relationships that have contributed to his success. He is assisted by a close-knit team, outsourcing specialists as necessary.

Projects have been featured in The New York TimesNew York SpacesNew York NewsdayNew Jersey MonthlyThe Bergen RecordHampton Style, and 201 Magazine. La Bossiere has also received praise for his participation in the Hamptons Designer Showhouse, the Junior League of Montclair Showhouse, the Designer Showhouse of New Jersey, and Mansions in May, the Designer Showhouse of Morristown.

To contact Philip La Bossiere, please visit or call:

La Bossiere Associates, Inc.
154 West Saddle River Road
Saddle River, NJ 07458
201.825.7123 Fax: 201.825.8250

This interior design blog about designer Philip La Bossiere was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rug Gallery in NYC.

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