Interior Designer Spotlight: Alexandra Loew Picks 9

Interior Design Titan, Alexandra Loew Shares her Favorites from The Nazmiyal Collection

Alexandra Loew is one of the most impressive interior designers Nazmiyal has had the fortunate opportunity to work with. What makes her work enchanting is her ability to celebrate the spirit of her clients, infusing who they are through historical elements and modern touches.Alexandra Loew, Interior Designer Spotlight

An avid scholar of the arts, her knowledge of cinema, history, and architecture is apparent in all she creates. As the founder of Alexandra Loew, she leads a firm of designers and architects with great taste and superb talent, making her a force in the interior design world.

Alexandra Loew Interior, Featuring Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

So from a woman who truly knows her stuff, here are Alexandra Loew’s nine picks from the Nazmiyal Collection and why she chose them in her own words. And might we add, we totally love the apparent Art Deco kick she is on! :)

1. Art Deco Chinese Rug with Dragon Border (50101)

Art Deco Chinese Rug with Dragon Border, Nazmiyal

“A good, predominately black rug is a rare thing. I’d make this the focus of a living room, and fill it with creams, blacks, and yellows furnishings. It would also look sexy and feminine, in a bedroom.”

2. Antique Charles the X French Aubusson Rug (50171)

Antique Charles the X French Aubusson Rug, Nazmiyal

“This piece is traditional and formal, which is typically not a look I gravitate toward. But I love the outsized spirit of the Hermes scarf here, and I’d put it in the parlor of a country home, surrounded by overstuffed furniture covered in casual whites for an instant chic.”

3. Chinese Art Deco Rug (50122)

Chinese Art Deco Rug, Nazmiyal

“This is a fantastically detailed piece. I love the hierarchy and intricacy of the border, its architectural qualities with the tile or brick ground, and the dragons which dance upon it. I’d use this in an intimate space, like a study, where the piece can fill the room. And fill it with lacquered furniture from the 1930s and some fabulous french pottery and metal objects of the same era.”

4. Vintage Turkish Rug (50715)

Vintage Turkish Rug, Nazmiyal

“This piece is so modern. Even though its 30s Art Deco, I see 80s Memphis. And the allusions to cheetahs or animal prints makes it timeless. This would be super sexy in a bedroom. And wonderful in a living room lined in gossamer gold draperies.”

5. Vintage French Art Deco Rug by Frédéric Marius de Buzon (49008)

Vintage French Art Deco Rug by Frédéric Marius de Buzon, Nazmiyal

“This piece is a veritable burst of spring, and so wonderfully contemporary and fresh. I would use this in a den or a media room filled with brightly colored furniture in playful rotund shapes, a la Pierre Paulin.”

6. Edouard Benedictus French Art Deco Rug (49214)

Edouard Benedictus French Art Deco Rug, Nazmiyal

“Divine! I love that the blacks ground the acid colors. And that the floral patterns are so densely packed within the frames. I’d take advantage of the vivid nature of this piece to brighten a dark room with limited natural light.”

7. Vintage Art Deco Indian Rug (44915)

Vintage Art Deco Indian Rug, Nazmiyal

“The geometries in this piece are so sophisticated, and yet the trails of florals such a  fanciful foil. The browns, creams and pinks are a wonderful complement to the primary colors. This could be sophisticated anywhere, but the play of colors and forms makes me think of a play room or a child’s room.”

8. Antique English Green Art Deco Carpet (48851)

Antique English Green Art Deco Carpet, Nazmiyal
“The moody palette and a strong composition would be wonderful in a home study or library.”

9. Vintage Art Deco Persian Mashad Khorassan Rug (49157)

“I’d put this in a country home, with a minimal amount of furnishings. And just let the dynamic energy of the falling leaves and the wonderfully organic ground work magic within beautiful architecture. If space allowed, it would be divine in a mud room.”

If you would like to see Alexandra’s exquisite portfolio, you can visit her website by clicking here.

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