Fine Turkish Antique Rug 2744

Origin: Turkish Rugs

3 ft 9 in (1.14 m)


5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)

Fine Turkish Antique Rug, Country of Origin / Type of Rug: Antique Turkish Rugs, Country of Origin: Circa 1900 –┬áThis fine antique Turkish rug breaks away from traditional patterns and symmetrical designs to instead focus on a concrete image arranged within strong borders. This results in a masterpiece that is not unlike a painting, meant to be framed within the room as a horizontal point of interest. The thick gold border of this antique rug surrounds a central portrait that features branches and leaves, arranged as positive space in the same gold color in front of a vermilion background. The unity present through the colors results in a powerful degree of expression, which is effortlessly translated as texture through the rug’s threading itself.



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