Art Deco Indian Carpet 45234

Stately, modern and distinguished, this Art Deco rug from India features an exquisite allover pattern with layers of geometric patterns rendered in warm earth tones.


8 ft 2 in (2.49 m)


11 ft (3.35 m)

Art Deco, Spain, Early 20th Century – This fantastic vintage rug from India features a sprawling contemporary composition with geometric barriers, botanical motifs and linear patterns rendered in a selection of warm earth tones paired with cerise and vibrant mulberry red accents. Reminiscent of Eastern-influenced designs prevalent during the Art Deco era, this sophisticated Indian rug incorporates checkerboard motifs, decorative double-square emblems, stacked dovetail motifs and geometric trellises that create a layered allover pattern with separate elements that highlight the varied background colors and camel-colored field.

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