Dining Room Design Makes Thanksgiving More Social

Thanksgiving Turkey

Coming together to give thanks and stuff our stomachs has long been the heart of Thanksgiving. But the backdrop of these family feasts plays an equally important role. The family dining room is designed to set the tone for holiday togetherness. It is the backbone of Thanksgiving gatherings, but it is starting to disappear.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, homes are expected to shrink up to 10 percent by 2015, and the number one space to get the axe will be the formal dining room.

The holiest of eating places will be replaced by a new hybrid room, comprised of the kitchen, dining and living rooms. It is a lumping together of social spaces that suggests an interesting trend - that the formality of hosting has been transformed into a more social affair.

Open Plan Kitchen Design

Indeed, nearly all the Thanksgiving hosting guides this season have included tips for keeping the holiday chef engaged in festivities. Whether it's pushing the bar cart into the kitchen, or encouraging open plan cooking and dining spaces, the trend is  a move away from the age-old "a woman's place is in the kitchen," to the modern concept that the Thanksgiving cook - male or female! - deserves to enjoy the day beyond the scope of the stove.

That being said, there is no reason the new kitchen-dining-living room shouldn't be as stylish as possible. Whether it's a gorgeous antique rug, flattering artwork, or Art Deco accent, this space should be designed as something special. After all, the social hub of a home should both welcome and impress visitors. Let them leave with full tummies, and a friendly envy of your interior design!

Dining Room with Antique Rug

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