Vampire Lair Decor

Want To Decorate that Vampire Lair? Here’s How

As I grew older and realized that The Count on Sesame Street was only a vampire puppet, I soon came to a different conclusion about these mythical creatures that didn’t involve stakes through the heart, coffins, garlic, glittery skin glistening in… a warm… bath… of… sunlight… No! I soon realized these bloodsuckers have some pretty “damned” good taste in home decorating. Call me crazy, but have you seen the homes Louis and Lestat inhabited in Interview With The Vampire?

Do I even need to say anything about Queen Sophie-Anne’s decadent Louisianan mansion? The better question at hand is why everyone in Forks lives in a trailer home, log cabin, or some shack whilst the Cullens live in a multi-million dollar glass bungalow. Anyway, the good news is you, too, can live in a swank, chic, and baroque-style pad that would make the Osbornes scream bloody murder.

Vampire Dining Room Decor by nazmiyal

Vampire Dining Room Decor

Nothing screams vampire louder than shades of blood red, crimson, and burgundy. Hunt down a plush velvety sofa and pair it with an antique wing back chair.

While you’re at it, nail some wall sconces into that brocade wallpaper and slay some stellar gold antique decor– candelabras, baroque style mirrors, or a dash of old-world accents, that will really drive the stake home.

Vampire Lair Interior Decor by Nazmiyal

Vampire Lair Interior Decor

Sure vampires are accustomed to candlelight, but you, my dears, live in a world where poor lighting will lead to poor eyesight. This lighting fixture by Diego Chilo is a choice option to keep the motif going without contacting your optometrist. The red glass molded to a fang-like structure is absolutely ideal for your modern-day lair.

Vampire Dining Room Decor with Dracula Lighting by Nazmiyal

Vampire Dining Room Decor with Dracula Lighting

Needless to say, there will be no coffin for you. Dress that bedroom with mounds and mounds of red chenille, crimson silk, and accent colors of royal purple, a touch of white, and gold, gold, and more gold to really liven the sleeping quarters of the un-dead.

Vampire Bedroom Decor by nazmiyal

Vampire Bedroom Decor

Last but not least, the closet is of the utmost importance. Vampires have excellent senses… of fashion, that is. The above is a prime entrance way into your tomb full of cloaks, ascots, and top hats. OR, if you are the typical New York’er, your closet is a sea of black attire which is also suiting for your vampirical lifestyle.

Vampire Room Decor by nazmiyal

Vampire Room Decor

There you have it! Now, you are ready to deck out that Count Dracula style lair. Don’t forget to let the right one in, leave Buffy off the guest list, and invest in some serious black out curtains. Happy hunting!

How to create a Vampire lair room decor?

Creating a vampire lair room decor can be a fun and creative project that allows you to explore a dark and mysterious aesthetic.

Here are some steps and ideas to help you get your vampire lair started:

  • Choose a Theme: Decide on the theme and atmosphere you want to create for your vampire lair decor. Some popular themes include Gothic, Victorian, or even modern vampire settings. Understanding the ambiance you want will help you select appropriate decorations and props.
  • Color Scheme: Stick to dark and moody colors like deep reds, purples, blacks, and dark browns. These colors evoke the feeling of mystery and darkness associated with vampire lore.
  • Lighting: Lighting is crucial in creating the right ambiance. Use dim, warm lighting like candles, candelabras, or string lights to create a haunting and eerie atmosphere. Avoid bright, fluorescent lights that can break the illusion.
  • Furniture and Decorations For A Vampire Room:
    • Coffin Bed: Consider creating or purchasing a coffin-shaped bed or adding coffin accents to your existing bed frame. You can also drape rich fabrics like velvet or lace to create a canopy bed effect.
    • Victorian Furniture: Incorporate antique or Victorian-style furniture pieces like ornate chairs, chaise lounges, and side tables.
    • Candelabras: Place candelabras with flickering candles around the room to add to the spooky atmosphere.
    • Mirrors: Antique mirrors can add an elegant touch to the space while giving it a sense of depth.
    • Gothic Artwork: Hang dark, gothic-inspired artwork on the walls to set the mood.
    • Drapes and Curtains: Heavy, luxurious drapes in dark colors can add a touch of elegance and mystery to the room.
    • Skulls and Taxidermy: Use fake skulls or taxidermy props to add a macabre element to the decor.
  • Red Velvet or Leather: Use red velvet or leather upholstery on furniture or as accents to create a vampiric vibe.
    Wall Decorations: Add some dramatic flair to the walls by using gothic-style wallpaper, wall decals, or textured paint. You can also hang decorative crosses or other vampire-related symbols.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget to include some thematic accessories like antique-looking books, potion bottles, vampire fangs, and dark jewelry boxes.
  • Hidden Passages and Secret Doors: If you want to go all out, consider incorporating hidden passages or secret doors to add an element of mystery and intrigue to your lair.
  • Music and Sound Effects: Use haunting music or sound effects to enhance the ambiance and immerse yourself in the vampire lair experience.

Remember, safety should always be a priority. If you plan on using candles or any open flames, be cautious and take appropriate fire safety measures. Enjoy the creative process and have fun transforming your space into a vampire lair!

Some Inspirations for Decorating A Vampire Lair Halloween Table Settings

Ghouls and goblins, we are one week away from everyone’s favorite holiday that makes for a perfect excuse to go all out in style and design. Halloween is coming up, and since it falls on a Monday this year, this weekend is the time to conjure your witches, vampires, and werewolves to celebrate the festivities. Nothing breaks in the holiday season like a good old Halloween party full of fabulous costumes, delectable drinks, and salivating treats. Let’s not forget about the decor! (After all, this is a design blog!)

Halloween Table Settings With Skulls by Nazmiyal

Halloween Table Settings With Skulls

This spooktacular weekend make sure to go all out with the decor by adding class and decadence to your home for a lavish party that will make you the master of ceremonies for years to come. Instead of dishing out the tacky mock spider webs, kitschy party favors, and jello-mold body parts, bust out the macabre styling of true Halloween social status.

Halloween Vampire Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Halloween Vampire Table Setting

Vampire Lairs Halloween Table Settings:

Rooms full of blood red linen, wrought-iron candelabras, drop chandeliers, and enough candles to really heat up the night. Let’s face it vampires are so in, it’s not even funny. Decking out your home in a classy and stylish way is easy when tuning your tastes towards an old-world vampire lair decor scene.

Gaudy goblets, devilish decor, and rich refinery are key when it comes to this look.

Vampire Halloween Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Vampire Halloween Table Setting

Red and Black Vampire Theme Halloween Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Red and Black Vampire Theme Halloween Table Setting

Modernist Approach to Halloween Table Settings:

Take a chic stance on Halloween especially if you already have the swank loft or penthouse. Use what you got–your modern furniture, nouveau decor, and beautiful backdrop make for the perfect setting for your ghoulish guests. In order to bring out the holiday motif, theme the night out by sticking to classic colors of black and orange. Dust off the stemless martini glasses and center them around a ghostly punch bowl.

Try kicking things up a bit by switching out the light-bulbs for black-lights whilst everyone dances the night away to electrohouse music in the midst of a nice eerie fog. (Note: fog machines are totally acceptable for Halloween. Actually, it’s thoroughly encouraged.)

Classic Vampire Approach:

Orange and Black Modern Halloween Tables Setting by Nazmiyal

Orange and Black Modern Halloween Tables Setting

Modern Halloween Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Modern Halloween Table Setting

Modern Home Interior With Halloween Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Modern Home Interior With Halloween Table Setting

Sometimes, a good old monster-mash is in order. Halloween is a night when adults get to relive their childish antics for just one evening. So, why not bring out the jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, candy apples, and cauldrons. Remember, whichever way you wind up spending this haunting holiday, bring the class, stick with style, and have fun! Trick or treat, boys and girls!

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