Want To Decorate that Vampire Lair? Here’s How

How to Decorate A Vampire Lair

Want To Decorate that Vampire Lair? What can I say? I’m a sucker for vampires, the undead, Nosferatu, Dracula, The Count, the Cullens. Oh, whatever you want to call them! For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to vampires. (I know this post would probably be better suited for the week of October 24th, but I thought I’d get a head start. So, bite me.)

As I grew older and realized that The Count on Sesame Street was only a vampire puppet, I soon came to a different conclusion about these mythical creatures that didn’t involve stakes through the heart, coffins, garlic, glittery skin glistening in…a warm…bath…of…sunlight…No! I soon realized these bloodsuckers have some pretty “damned” good taste in home decor. Call me crazy, but have you seen the homes Louis and Lestat inhabited in Interview With The Vampire?

Do I even need to say anything about Queen Sophie-Anne’s decadent Louisianan mansion? The better question at hand is why everyone in Forks lives in a trailer home, log cabin, or some shack whilst the Cullens live in a multi-million dollar glass bungalow. Anyway, the good news is you, too, can live in a swank, chic, and baroque-style pad that would make the Osbornes scream bloody murder.

Vampire Dining Room Decor by nazmiyal
Vampire Dining Room Decor

Nothing screams vampire louder than shades of blood-red, crimson, and burgundy. Hunt down a plush velvety sofa and pair it with an antique wingback chair.

While you’re at it, nail some wall sconces into that brocade wallpaper and slay some stellar gold antique decor–candelabras, baroque-style mirrors, or a dash of old-world accents, that will really drive the stake home.

Vampire Lair Interior Decor by Nazmiyal
Vampire Lair Interior Decor

Sure vampires are accustomed to candlelight, but you, my dears, live in a world where poor lighting will lead to poor eyesight. This lighting fixture by Diego Chilo is a choice option to keep the motif going without contacting your optometrist. The red glass molded to a fang-like structure is absolutely ideal for your modern-day lair.

Vampire Dining Room Decor with Dracula Lighting by Nazmiyal
Vampire Dining Room Decor with Dracula Lighting

Needless to say, there will be no coffin for you. Dress that bedroom with mounds and mounds of red chenille, crimson silk, and accent colors of royal purple, a touch of white, and gold, gold, and more gold to really liven the sleeping quarters of the un-dead.

Vampire Bedroom Decor by nazmiyal
Vampire Bedroom Decor

Last but not least, the closet is of the utmost importance. Vampires have excellent senses…of fashion, that is. The above is a prime entrance way into your tomb full of cloaks, ascots, and top hats. OR if you are the typical New York’er, your closet is a sea of black attire which is also suiting for your vampirical lifestyle.

Vampire Room Decor by nazmiyal
Vampire Room Decor

There you have it! Now, you are ready to deck out that Dracula-style lair. Don’t forget to let the right one in, leave Buffy off the guest list, and invest in some serious black-out curtains. Happy hunting!

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