Vintage Swedish Deco Shag Rya Rug 46597


Size: 4 ft x 6 ft (1.22 m x 1.83 m)
Style: Rya Rugs

Layered geometric figures rendered in warm earthy colors decorate this abstract vintage Swedish deco rug creating an abstract pattern that is modern and vivacious.

Happy And Colorful Vintage Swedish Deco Shag Rya Rug, Origin: Sweden, Mid 20th Century – Swedish shag rugs were iconic additions to Midcentury Modern decor. The long pile created a luxurious feel that softened the room. Swedish artwork from the mid-twentieth century captures the intersection between the organic world and the man-made one. They often used curvy shapes, texture, and color to capture the natural components, and geometric shapes with hard lines to represent the world of man. This rug marries these two worlds beautifully and will make an excellent addition to the vintage or retro-inspired space.

The browns, cream, and muted citrus colors of this rug blend to create a harmonious, natural feel. The curved lines in unexpected places give it an organic feel as if the artist were acting more from personal expression than a careful plan. This gives the piece a human element that you cannot find in mass-produced pieces. It is a unique piece that is in line with current trends in the art world that are moving away from mass-produced pieces.

Swedish shag rugs are not a modern invention and go back centuries. They were created for warmth and utility, but in the middle part of the twentieth century, they took on iconic decorative forms. They create texture in the space and are an excellent addition to artwork that features texture and form.

This rug is small enough to be placed in front of a sofa, beside a bed, or mounted and hung on the wall. It is a gorgeous piece of midcentury artwork that will add texture and color to a contemporary design. This piece is an excellent way to add an authentic touch to a room of your favorite vintage collectibles, and it would also serve as the foundation for a retro-inspired space. This rug will add color to a neutral room and allow you to expand on the earthy theme of this rug. The best part is that this rug allows you to create a space that reflects your creativity and style.

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