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Bars and booze, these are a few of my favorite things. If you have been keeping up with my long lost Kardashian-self, then you are fully aware of my affinity for fine wines, rooftop paradises lined with liquor, and the occasional good stiff vodka drink. Let’s be serious, living in New York where there are happy hours galore, disco brunches blaring music at 12:00 pm on a Saturday, and enough booze cruises to combat the Spanish Armada, is it even a question as to why New Yorkers love to drink so much?

Whether you’re dressing up in your fashion’s finest and hitting the cobblestone streets of the Meatpacking District (i.e., Le Bain) or heading down to your Thirsty Thursday after-work drink-fest, there comes a point where you may just want to sit back, relax, and be your own bartender for the night.

Steamer Bar Cabinet by Nazmiyal

Interior Design and Decor With A Steamer Bar Cabinet

One of this year’s hottest home furnishings is the BAR CABINET. Yes, ladies and gentleman, now you can be a lush in the company of your own swanky digs. High-end retailers are punching these babies out for the well attuned alcohol aficionado in luxurious wooden finishes.

Looking for that new FOCAL POINT in the living room? Well, look no further! Your own personal bar is available in an array of styles, finishes, and colors. These bad boys range from vintage-inspired looks that will hold your casks of amontillado (well, maybe not a cask) to sleek modern marvels that will have you feeling like a cross between James Bond and George Jetson.

Muller Classic Wine Bar Cabinet by Nazmiyal

Interior Home Decorating With a Muller Classic Wine Bar Cabinet

What we especially love about the bar cabinet is its DISCRETION. From the outside that little guy you’ve been eyeing across the room looks like an armoire, a curio, or a sideboard. Little do your guests know, that they will soon be hit with a ticket to the party train thanks to you.

Home Decorating With Bar Cabinet Designed by Kezu by Nazmiyal

Home Decorating With Bar Cabinet Designed by Kezu

Offer your fellow party animals a cocktail, don’t forget to pour some for your homies, open your shiny new personal bar haven ala The Price is Right, and watch as your friends’ mouths drop to the floor. You may need a mop after the night is through to lap up all that drool from your jealous mates. Cheers!

Zhang Wine Bar By Four Hand by Nazmiyal

Home Interior Design With A Zhang Wine Bar By Four Hand

What are some of the most high end luxury home bar cabinets?

While things change over time, here are some of more noteworthy luxury home bar cabinet options:

  • Armani Casa: Known for their sleek and elegant designs, Armani Casa offers a range of luxury bar cabinets that blend contemporary style with functionality.
  • Roberto Cavalli Home: Roberto Cavalli’s home collection includes luxurious bar cabinets that often feature exotic materials, intricate detailing, and unique finishes.
  • Boca do Lobo: This Portuguese luxury furniture brand specializes in high-end, handcrafted pieces. They offer a variety of stylish and artistic bar cabinets, often with bold designs and premium materials.
  • Christopher Guy: Renowned for their timeless and glamorous furniture designs, Christopher Guy offers exquisite bar cabinets that often incorporate classic elements with a modern twist.
  • Fendi Casa: Fendi Casa’s bar cabinets showcase the brand’s signature craftsmanship and attention to detail, featuring sophisticated designs and premium materials.
  • Molteni & C: This Italian brand is known for its contemporary and minimalist designs. They offer bar cabinets that emphasize clean lines and high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Poltrona Frau: Specializing in leather furniture, Poltrona Frau offers bar cabinets that showcase Italian craftsmanship and premium materials, often with a focus on leather and wood combinations.
  • Hermès Home: The luxury fashion house Hermès has a home collection that includes elegant bar cabinets. Their designs often feature fine leather and exquisite details.
  • Ralph Lauren Home: Ralph Lauren’s home collection includes a range of bar cabinets that reflect the brand’s classic American style with a touch of luxury.
  • Minotti: This Italian brand is known for its contemporary and stylish furniture. They offer bar cabinets that are often characterized by clean lines and a modern aesthetic.
  • Cassoni: Cassoni offers a curated selection of high-end furniture, including luxury bar cabinets from various designers and brands.

Please note that luxury home bar cabinets can vary greatly in terms of design, materials, and price. When considering such an investment, it’s important to assess your preferences, budget, and available space to find the best fit for your home. Additionally, it’s advisable to check the most recent product offerings and reviews from reputable sources, as the luxury furniture market is continually evolving.

How do people create beautiful interiors with home bar cabinets?

Creating a beautiful interior with home bar cabinets involves careful planning, attention to detail, and a sense of style.

Whether you’re designing a classic, contemporary, or eclectic space, here are some tips to help you create an attractive and functional home bar area:

  • Select the Right Location: Choose a location in your home that makes sense for a bar setup. Common choices include a dedicated room, a corner of the living room, a basement, or even a built-in bar in the kitchen. The location should be easily accessible and provide enough space for your bar cabinet, stools or seating, and any additional decor.
  • Choose a Stylish Bar Cabinet: Select a home bar cabinet that complements your interior design theme. Consider the materials, finishes, and design elements that match the overall style of your home. Whether it’s a classic wooden bar cabinet, a sleek modern design, or an antique piece, make sure it stands out as a focal point.
  • Accessorize Thoughtfully: Accessorize your bar cabinet with stylish and functional items. This can include glassware, decanters, cocktail shakers, and bar tools. Display these items attractively on the shelves or within the cabinet to add visual interest.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting can enhance the ambiance of your bar area. Install pendant lights, wall sconces, or under-cabinet lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dimmer switches are also a great addition for adjusting the lighting to suit different occasions.
  • Stylish Bar Stools: If you have a seating area at your bar, choose bar stools that complement the design of the bar cabinet and the overall decor. Upholstered stools can add comfort and elegance, while sleek metal or wood stools can enhance a modern look.
  • Backsplash and Countertop: If your bar area includes a countertop, consider adding a decorative backsplash and countertop material that complements your design theme. Materials like granite, marble, or quartz can add a touch of luxury, while a unique tile backsplash can introduce color and texture.
  • Art and Decor: Hang artwork or decorative mirrors above or near the bar cabinet to create a stylish backdrop. You can also incorporate decorative elements like wall shelves, plants, or sculptures to add character to the space.
  • Organize and Display Liquor: Arrange your liquor bottles neatly on the shelves or within the cabinet. Consider using attractive decanters for your favorite spirits. Group similar items together to create a sense of order and aesthetics.
  • Color Palette: Choose a color palette that complements the overall theme of your interior. Whether it’s a monochromatic scheme or a mix of complementary colors, ensure that the colors of your bar cabinet and accessories harmonize with the room’s decor.
  • Personal Touch: Add personal touches that reflect your personality and preferences. This could include framed photos, unique glassware, or a collection of vintage cocktail recipe books.
  • Keep It Functional: Ensure that your bar setup is functional and practical. Provide storage for bar essentials, such as cocktail napkins, straws, and mixers. Consider adding a sink, ice maker, or wine refrigerator if space and budget allow.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your bar area to keep it looking its best. Dust the shelves, polish the cabinet, and replace any worn or damaged items as needed.

Remember that the key to creating a beautiful interior with a home bar cabinet is to strike a balance between style and functionality while expressing your unique taste and personality. Experiment with different arrangements and decor items until you achieve the desired look and feel for your home bar area.

This interior design blog post about Bar Cabinets in Interior Design and Decor trends was published by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs located in the heart of Manhattan New York City.

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