Custom Size Moroccan Carpets Creations

Custom Size Moroccan Carpets – There exists a tremendous range of antique rug styles. From the more classically composed Persian rugs with central medallions and ornate scroll-work, to the more abstract Art-Deco Swedish rugs which might feature a minimalist field, there is an antique rug style for just about everyone. Moroccan rugs, one of the most enduring and popular styles, offer something unique to buyers of antique rugs: the option to create something totally unique.

Because Moroccan rugs will traditionally sport abstract and colorful design elements arranged in a seemingly irregular manner, they are ideal rugs for combining together. Two or more Moroccan rugs may be stitched together to create one large rug, thus giving the customer the opportunity to create a unique piece that is perfectly suited for any space.

For example, the three Moroccan rugs pictured above (one 4′ 7″ x 12′ 7″, one 5′ 3″ x 12′, and the other 6′ x 11′ 2″) were chosen by a customer to be joined together into one large, room size piece (sized 12′ x 16′ 6″ in the end).

As you can see in the image of the finished product, the unique beauty and design elements of each of the three rugs used in the construction of the larger piece are on full display, playing off each other in a wonderfully harmonious manner, creating a new rug that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Custom Size Moroccan Carpets By Nazmiyal
Custom Size Moroccan Carpet By Nazmiyal
Custom Size Moroccan Carpet
Moroccan Rug 45413 4.07 X 12.07
Custom Size Moroccan Carpet
Moroccan Rug 45332 5.03 X 12.00
Custom Size Moroccan Carpet
Moroccan Rug 45457 6 X 11.2

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