Charming Flatwoven Geometric Scandinavian Mid-Century Modern Swedish Design Kilim Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Brown, a color that immediately imparts an earthy and organic ambiance to a room, takes center stage in this rug. The geometric pattern adds a distinctly modern flair, making it the ideal rug for seamlessly blending natural tones with contemporary design in a shared space. Drawing inspiration from mid-twentieth-century Swedish designs crafted to complement minimalist furniture, this rug aligns with the resurgence of Midcentury Modern style in our current design landscape.

For enthusiasts of Midcentury Modern style, this trend’s resurgence is a fortuitous moment, and this rug perfectly integrates into spaces adorned with vintage or newer retro-style pieces. It serves as the quintessential rug for introducing pattern and interest into a minimalist setting. Even within the minimalist aesthetic, there’s a growing inclination to incorporate touches of color, and this rug facilitates that with a serene and calming undertone.

An excellent foundation for a collection of greenery, this rug finds its place within a spectrum of color palettes that span blues, pinks, grays, and rusts. Complementary accessories in terracotta, rich greens, and textured creams seamlessly enhance the overall design. The pattern, reminiscent of a formal parquet floor, instills a sense of formality when paired with the right accessories.

Versatility defines this rug, capable of anchoring designs ranging from casual to formal. The organic feel of the colors harmonizes with the precision of the shapes, imparting an urban touch. The shifting shades of brown contribute to a modern abstract feel, making it a perfect addition to a Midcentury Modern conversation area. This beautiful rug strikes a harmonious balance between earthy tones and contemporary design, providing the flexibility to incorporate diverse pieces from different styles while maintaining a cohesive feel in the space.

This rug can be custom ordered in any custom size, shape and even in custom colors.

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