Beautiful Geometric Vintage Inspired Swedish Kilim Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern – Incorporate the sublime neutral hues of this contemporary rug into your minimalist Nordic-style environment. An amalgamation of age-old traditions and modern design, this rug offers versatility for those seeking to blend contemporary aesthetics with cherished relics from the past. It acts as a seamless bridge between the old and the new in your space.

Drawing inspiration from traditional oriental rug designs dating back to the sixteenth century, the rug’s medallion design, surrounded by a contrasting field, resonates with the classic elements found in traditional rug craftsmanship worldwide. While rooted in tradition, the artist introduces an abstract dimension by incorporating solid geometric designs, utilizing the traditional medallion to impart a sense of structure.

Soft pastels harmonize with rich charcoal gray, delivering the color contrast characteristic of traditional medallion rugs. However, this rug does so with a thoroughly modern palette. The precise geometric shapes, sharp lines, and overall symmetry make it a fitting choice for formal room settings, serving as inspiration for ultra-modern, industrial, or minimalist spaces.

Noteworthy is the muted color palette of the rug, evoking an organic ambiance. While the colors remain natural, the design distinguishes itself with contemporary angles and precision. Ideal for rooms adorned with minimalist furniture and modern lines, the rug can be a catalyst for inspiration, guiding the choice of accents and additional artwork throughout the space. This versatile piece seamlessly integrates into transitional or contemporary settings, providing a subtle infusion of soft color amid grays and other neutrals, enabling the room to reflect your distinctive personality and style.

This rug can be custom ordered in any rug size, and custom shape as well as custom rug colors.

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