Custom Rug Design Ref #726871 – A Calming Zen and Beautiful Soft Green Color Geometric Grid Pattern Modern Flatweave Swedish Design Kilim Rug, Country Of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Tranquility and connection are the key buzzwords in interior design this year. Everything from paint colors to window treatments is turning up green. Green can range from deep and moody to light and fresh. Modern rugs like this one, use a range of greens that give you the freedom to create any mood you wish in your space.

Burgundy and spicy accents add warmth to the color palette of this modern flatweave area rug. Neutrals are in, but they are moving toward the warmer side of the palette. The warm beige and cream colors allow this rug to be used in a room that is cozy enough to make you want to curl up and enjoy the space.

Recent trends in interior design favor spaces that are minimalist but that also have enough personality to call them home. Styles like Scandinavian interior design, Nordic, Mid-Century Modern and Minimalist embrace function over form. Lighter woods, neutral walls, and simple furniture make the room feel spacious and open. A rug that adds a touch of color makes the space feel more inviting.

Green rugs like this one can add just enough color to give the room personality, but it still keeps with the organic theme. Another trend that is featured in design magazines is tone-on-tone color schemes, and greens are a designer favorite. Kilim rugs and beautiful as this, can set the foundation for a room with layers of green in every shade.

Swedish design area rugs tend to let nature in, and these inspired Scandinavian rugs add softness to the hard lines of modern furniture and interior design. Another color trend is pairing greens with blues, such as by adding accessories or a rug to a room with either of these hues. This rug has a cottage core or folk art feel that allows you to keep it simple and soothing. This rug would be excellent for a sunroom with wicker furniture and lots of plants, or you could add in a few warmer neutrals for a casual feel. This rug is well-suited for creating a room that is as dramatic or earthy as you like.

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