Distressed Rugs

Beautiful and Sophisticated Modern Distressed Area Rug Collection

In recent years, we have been finding ourselves enjoying the interiors of our homes more than in the past. The importance of our interior spaces has taken center stage in many of our lives. It is not surprising that interior design trends have reached out to find that human connection in the pieces within the space.

The focus in design is now on how they make the interior of our homes feel, perhaps more so than ever in the past. Nazmiyal is proud to present its newest collection of modern contemporary rugs from Afghanistan. These magnificent modern distressed rugs have a look that is casual and connected.

Our modern distressed rugs feature warm earthy hues and soft color palettes. Blues and greys in every tone are featured in architectural magazines because of the calm and serene ambiance that they bring to the space. Neutrals are the staples for creating a room that is warm and inviting. Whether the room is for gathering with friends, reading a book, or enjoying a good meal together, neutrals set the tone for relaxing and creating memories that will last. That is why these gentle tones were chosen as the foundation of our modern distressed rug collection.

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The Modern Distressed Rugs are Steeped in Tradition but Designed for Modern Interiors

The people of Afghanistan have been weaving beautiful rugs for thousands of years. They were first developed for utilitarian purposes, such as to serve as a floor covering, bedding, or covering for tents. They were made to be used as a part of daily life. The functional origins of these beautiful pieces mean that they learned to weave rugs that are durable and that will often outlast the owner.

Distressed Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Distressed Rugs

The rugs of Afghanistan were passed down from generation to generation, as were the techniques for weaving them. The Afghan rugs were involved in every part of tribal life, and each tribe had unique symbols and patterns that distinguished them. Just because they were functional did not stop them from creating some of the most unique and beautiful rugs in the world. This same attention to quality and durability goes into each of the rugs in this fresh and contemporary collection. Each of the rug knots is carefully tied by skilled hands.

Woven Art Tradition and a Story of Survival

Throughout history, the rug weavers have included the stories and traditions of their people in the pieces they create. The story of Afghani rugs is the history of the people themselves. During times of war and times of peace, the weavers represented a piece of themselves and their community in every rug.

Modern Distressed Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Distressed Rug

The ability of the weavers to adapt to changing climates and changing times, including the commercialization of the carpet industry is a testimony to their resilience and strength as a people. It can take up to a year and a half to create a fine rug. That is what makes each of the area rugs in this collection special. Each one is a labor of love and the culmination of generations of weaving traditions that have been handed down through the ages.

Each Modern Distressed Ru Is a Piece of Art

Afghani rugs are as much a folk art tradition in today’s world as they were in the past. Each rug is a piece of self-expression. Every rug in this collection is the work of an artist who is dedicated to their craft. This collection has a modern, earthy quality that represents the past, present, and future of the Afghani people. They tell the story of optimism and hope woven into every thread.

Pieces that reflect a folk art tradition are an important part of modern interior design. Many styles, such as Scandinavian and other Nordic styles, favor pieces that have an earthy, primitive look. This concept is also the foundation of Japanese Wabi-Sabi designs that attempt to mimic the patterns and colors of the natural world. Both of these traditions embrace organic designs that mimic those found in the natural world.

The Distressed Area Rugs Bringing a Touch of Nature Indoors

Designs that mimic the patterns and shapes found in nature are becoming an increasingly important part of the world of interior design. When we take a step outside or walk along a garden path, it is impossible to be stressed. We can let go and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Pieces that evoke this same feeling are the foundation of this year’s design trends.

Modern Distressed Area Rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Modern Distressed Area Rug

The gorgeous designs of the rugs in this collection seem to evolve on their own, similar to the way rivulets and streams make their way through the earth. The rug colors gently fade in and out, rather than using sharp lines. This gives them soft, gentle transitions that are easy on the eyes. The colors are harmonious, making them perfect for creating a sanctuary where you can unwind and relax in your space. They have an abstract quality that creates a place for the eyes to rest.

Artisan Rugs for Contemporary Styles

These rugs are a delightful way to add a piece of artwork to your floor. The perfect rug sets the tone for the room and establishes the style. The rugs in this collection have a tribal feel that is perfect for those who love Boho Chic, and their distressed look gives them a shabby appearance that is just right for a Shabby Chic space. They make the space look casual and relaxing.

The designs and texture were inspired by the iconic Moroccan rugs from the mid 20th century and the possibilities for the rugs in this collection are almost endless. They have a vintage rug / retro feel and would be the perfect complement to retro-style furniture. They are perfect for adding some color and texture to the space underneath furniture with minimalist legs. You could add in a few arm-knitted poufs or tribal ottomans for a fresh and clean modern look.

From West Coast to East Coast

The “distressed rug” look started on the West Coast and quickly became a staple of West Coast Style. Items that look worn by the sands of time with natural imperfections lend themselves to both traditional and modern interiors. They have a relaxed, weathered with some showcasing a more worn rug look and appearance that can bring down the tone of a formal space to make it feel a little more casual.

Now, this distressed look is found from coast to coast. You can find it anywhere from country estates and cottages to urban penthouses with a view of the city. In an industrial space, it gives it an authentic look, as if it has been a part of the space for many years.

Find Your Perfect Rug

The rugs in Nazmiyal’s modern distressed rug collection are versatile and made for contemporary interiors. Regardless of your style, you will fall in love with the soft pile and earthy designs. The colors will allow you to add a touch of color to a neutral room without creating too much contrast.

Many interior designers begin with the rug and then choose the rest of the pieces around the theme. The rugs in this collection are versatile and work well with a range of modern design styles. If you need a change in your space, why not treat yourself and give yourself a piece of art that is an expression of your personality. We welcome you to browse our collection, and when you find the one that special rug that speaks to you, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you create the space of your dreams.

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