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Antique Tribal Shabby Chic Decorative Turkish Oushak Soft Geeen Oversized Rug 50239

Size: 11 ft 8 in x 25 ft (3.56 m x 7.62 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Tribal Shabby Chic Textured Antique Turkish Oushak Oversized Rug, Rug’s Origin: Turkey, Rug’s Circa: 1920 – The gorgeous soft earthy colors of this Turkish Oushak rug from around the turn of the 20th century would make the perfect piece for a traditional or contemporary room. The design has a tribal shabby chic character that will add a timeless and exotic feel. The bold geometrics of this rug also fit perfectly into a contemporary style with its attention to pattern and neutral colors.

Turkish rugs have a special place in the hearts of rug connoisseurs and interior designers. The geometric patterns are steeped in traditions that go back many centuries. One of the characteristics that adds to the charm of these rugs is that they contain motifs and symbols that convey a thought or idea. For instance, this carpet has two different variations of the cross, which represents faith. You can also see small paisleys worked into the design. This symbol is known as the boteh and means the eternal flame or universe.

The special symbols and motifs found in these carpets gives them a unique character that connects them to the culture of the weavers and artisans. They also fit into a number of the latest style trends, too. Geometric patterns are being featured in many interior design and popular magazines this year. Layering patterned rugs in a Boho chic room is another look that has been trendy for quite some time. This carpet would be the perfect addition to these modern style trends.

Rather than treating them as an afterthought, designers are now choosing the carpet first and treating it as a feature element. Neutral tones that reflect the colors found in the natural world are also popular. This carpet fits perfectly into a stately neutral room. It would be the perfect match for rich wood tones and leather furniture. The colors and patterns of this antique rug make it versatile enough to complement a range of contemporary style trends where it adds a touch of vintage charm.

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