Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Rug by Ingrid Hellman Knafve 49114

Size: 5 ft x 6 ft (1.52 m x 1.83 m)
Style: Rya Rugs

True to the beautifully simplistic style of Scandinavian rugs, this exquisite mid-century modern rug is meant to convey an arboreal arrangement.

Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Rug by Ingrid Hellman-Knafve 49114, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavian Rugs, Circa Date: Mid-20th Century – This beautiful natured-inspired piece by Ingrid Hellman-Knafve was created in the mid-twentieth century. For most of her life, Hellman-Knafve lived in a rural part of Sweden, and her carpets reflect the beauty of the changing seasons throughout the coastal and forest landscapes that surrounded her. Her designs became famous when she began exhibiting throughout Copenhagen and Zürich. She was later asked to design works for Swedish government residences.

Her works are known for their geometric quality and natural colors. This is the perfect piece for contemporary interior designs that feature simple geometric shapes, and for those wishing to bring in the colors of nature, too. The black and white geometric border makes the piece stand out and gives it a contemporary look.

This piece would be the perfect accompaniment in a room that features colors in primarily earth tones. The pattern is reminiscent of spring fields and fresh air. It uses an incredible range of greens, browns, and ivories. In some cases, the artist used a technique known as crosshatching to create the optical illusion of texture and a variation within the blocks.

This would be the perfect piece for a room with modern furniture that uses simple lines and features a minimalist approach to design. It would also be the perfect complement to Eames Era or Danish Modern furniture, too. It is the perfect earthy feel for Swedish modern and other contemporary designs. It has a natural elegance and beauty that will give any room a fresh and invigorating feel. It is a vintage rug that looks as if it were designed perfectly for today’s design tastes.

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