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Dezignlicious Blog Features Rugs from The Nazmiyal Collection

Dezignlicious Blog
Dezignlicious Blog features Nazmiyal Rugs

 There is no question that Gail Shields is great at what she does. Her projects have graced many of the top interior design publications including Architectural Digest and New York Spaces among countless others. So when she decided to write about our collection of art deco and modernist vintage rugs on her blog, naturally we felt honored:

Gail Shields
Gail Shields – Author of Dezignlicious Blog

“If given the choice between a new rug and an antique rug  I would always choose the latter. And, this is the heart and soul of NAZMIYAL ANTIQUE RUGS. I guarantee you that you will find the absolute best selection of antique carpets in all of New York City! Owned by Jason Nazmiyal, the showroom has an extensive collection of everything from classic antique through Art Deco beauties to mid century modern designs.”

Such lovely words from a respected designer like Gail is true praise. And, it assures us we are holding true to our mission. Nazmiyal has always been devoted to antique rugs. As other major dealers have expanded into the modern rug market, we have only grown stronger in ours. We continue to search the globe for the finest antique rugs and vintage carpets, and today, we are even more experienced at finding the best of the best than we were when we began over 30 years ago. Just look at browse our extensive online catalogue, and you’ll see why people like Gail consider us the best.

This blog post about The Nazmiyal collection’s Featured rugs on the Dezignlicious Blog (authored by Interior designer Gail Shields) was published by Nazmiyal Antique Oriental Rugs Located in the heart of Manhattan, New York city, NY.