Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year Freely Scribbled

Using Rugs To Decorate With the Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year

Apartment Therapy’s Freely Scribbled Pattern

The pattern of the year for 2020, Freely Scribbled, is a simple, high-contrast design with a focus on flowing, geometric shapes. As the name implies, these have a sense of having been freely scribbled by the artist. According to Apartment Therapy, the pattern is “geometric purity, minus the mathematical rigor and order — less Escher and more Matisse or Masson.”

Items bearing this pattern have a modern contemporary look that can work well in almost any space. Part of the beauty of the design is its simplicity. It can be used with numerous color palettes and still look amazing. Apartment Therapy created three versions of the pattern: blue, terracotta and black. Each version includes white as the second color.

In naming this the pattern of the year, Apartment Therapy isn’t just promoting this specific design. Rather, the brand is indicating that Freely Scribbled represents the broader landscape of patterns and designs. Expect to see many items with similar looks this year.

Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year Nazmiyal

The blue version of the Apartment Therapy pattern of the year.

Incorporating the Pattern of the Year Into Your Decor

If you want to use this pattern in your interior design, the good news is that there are plenty of options to choose from. The different colors make it all the more flexible. For example, the blue color is ideal in a modern, minimalist room. The terracotta is better for warmer, more earthy spaces, while the black and white can work almost anywhere.

You can use this style as an accent, as a fun addition to your current colors or as a slightly eccentric extra touch. The pattern works especially well on items like pillows, curtains and duvet covers. Apartment Therapy has already made several such products available for purchase. However, you can also find items in similar patterns in stores.

Scribbled Pattern Apartment Therapy Nazmiyal

Use a scribbled pattern inspired by Apartment Therapy’s pattern of the year in your decor.

Making the Freely Scribbled Pattern Work With Rugs

Since our passion is rugs, we have to explore how you can find the perfect rugs to match this pattern. We have put together an array of rugs that will go well with the pattern of the year. Additionally, you can use these ideas to work with many different contemporary styles.

Match Colors with the Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year

As mentioned above, Freely Scribbled works well as an accent, especially with the blue selected by Apartment Therapy. One of the best ways to incorporate that type of accent with your rug is to choose a matching color.

This could be the same color if you want to make it stand out even more. For example, if you have a neutral or grey colored couch, with a blue throw pillow, choose a rug with a similar blue. This will help to make the accent pop even more.

Another approach is to select a complementary color. This works especially well with the terracotta colored design. Since that color is a little more subtle, you could choose a rug that has a different but matching color to create a pleasant sense of harmony in the room.

Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year Complementary Color Nazmiyal

Pair the Apartment Therapy pattern of the year with accents (like a rug) in a complementary color.

Reflect the Freely Scribble’s Secondary Color

In the Freely Scribbled designs produced by Apartment Therapy, the secondary color is white. However, the basic pattern can work with a diverse variety of color choices. Whatever colors you settle on, try a rug that reflects the secondary color from the pattern. For example, if you have window dressing in blue and white, choose a white or just off white rug. This will blend well with the pattern without making the primary color overpowering.

Apartment Therapy Pattern of the Year Terracotta and White Nazmiyal

The other colors of the Apartment Therapy pattern of the year, terracotta and white.

Get Inspired By The Freely Scribbled Pattern

The Freely Scribbled style is perfect for a rug. While it may not be available as a rug, you can use the pattern as inspiration to find something similar. We have an array of interesting geometric rugs in our collection that can achieve a similar look.

One great way to apply this is to layer two rugs together. Choose a neutral rug that matches the secondary color in the pattern. Then, overlap that rug with a bolder, geometric rug. This creates a beautiful look that makes a strong impression in modern spaces.

Explore Our Collection

Check out the rugs we have selected to match the Freely Scribbled pattern. You can explore the above ideas for designing with the pattern and others like it. If you need help selecting the right rug for your needs, feel free to connect with our experts. We are always happy to provide guidance. Alternatively, browse our selection of antique rugs, vintage rugs and modern rugs. Whatever your style may be, we have something that will work for you. Our rugs are high quality and perfect for people who are committed to beautiful decor. Find yours today.

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