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Large Rugs

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*Big / large rugs are those rugs that measure 15 ft to 20 ft in length

Beautiful Antique Collection of Large Rugs and Big Area Carpets

Large rugs that fill an entire room are hot commodities. These highly desirable big rugs are coveted for their monumental proportions and high-impact designs. Grand spaces demand large size rugs that have an irresistible formality. Many of the finest large rugs were produced during the golden age of carpet weaving in the late 1800’s and early 1910’s. These heirloom pieces are true collector’s items that beg to be displayed and used.

Today, these large rugs already have the superb materials, colors, designs and craftsmanship that make them intrinsically valuable, but their potential is even more exciting. A large rug can easily last for decades, even with daily foot traffic; it can become even more beautiful and lustrous; and its value can increase substantially. Big carpets include most rugs that are longer than 10 feet on one side. Some Persian rugs measure 12 feet by 18 feet or larger.

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The Nazmiyal Collection offers a comprehensive collection of large rugs from every major rug-producing country in the world. Our collection includes exceptional pieces from Persia, India, Turkey, China, and many other places, each of which boasts a distinct style. Just about every rug-making culture to have developed since the beginning of the craft has produced splendid examples of large rugs. Some of the finest examples include minimalist Scandinavian rugs from the mid-twentieth century, as well as traditionally composed Persian carpets from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Because of this enormous range in variety of the big rugs currently available on the market, you should be able of locate the perfect large size rug for your space.

Large rugs are those carpets which measure between 15 feet and 20 feet in length, making them slightly larger on average that a typical room size, and, subsequently, the sort of antique rug ideally suited to more expansive, open spaces. A big rug has the uncanny ability to focus an entire room’s design and aesthetic tendencies, drawing in anyone present. These commanding and exciting works truly represent one of the best ways to enhance a room or a space.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in carpets that measure between 10 feet through 15 feet long, then you should view our room size rugs.

If you need a carpet that is even bigger then browse our collection of oversized rugs.

Fine antique rugs have the unique ability to transform an entire space, their impeccable design and craftsmanship immediately elevating and commenting on everything else around. This is especially true of large antique rugs, which generally boast exceptional craftsmanship and a keen attention to detail. Much in the same way that a visitor at a museum may feel drawn into an oversize painting, large antique rugs also demand attention, inviting observers to step up and take a closer look.

Antique large rugs are among our specialties here at the Nazmiyal Collection. From stately, room-size Oushak rugs from Turkey, to impressive palatial size rugs of Kerman or Tabriz origin, our large antique rugs are always of exceptional quality. Nazmiyal always offers fair prices on our entire inventory, and our large antique rugs are no exception. Whatever your needs, you will find the antique rug you are searching for at the Nazmiyal Collection.

Decorating With Big Rugs

Interior design with large size big rugs – Ranging from Persian to Turkish, Indian and beyond, bigger size rugs are arguably the most trans-formative element in any given room. They are a sure way to add warmth and comfort to an interior, while reflecting one’s personal style. Big rugs are the perfect platform to incorporate a unique color, texture or pattern, capable of brightening up or cooling down a room instantly.

Large Rugs, Nazmiyal Collection

Large Rugs

Large rugs range in style from decadent florals to subtle shabby chic. What makes big rugs fitting for any interior design setting is their extraordinary diversity. One can go a geometric route, or choose an asian style.

Large Antique Rugs, Nazmiyal Collection

Interior With Large Antique Rugs

One person might be drawn to the simplicity of Moroccan rugs, while others may like the complexity of an Antique Persian rug. But no matter your style, big rugs are a sure way to make a statement and leave your interiors completely unforgettable.

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Antique and vintage large rugs and big carpets:

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