Ivory Background Fine Large Size Antique Floral Persian Tehran Medallion Rug 71383


Size: 12 ft 6 in x 19 ft 6 in (3.81 m x 5.94 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Gorgeous Large Antique Persian Tehran Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persia, Circa date: 1920 – Tehran is the modern capital of Persia, and it has been a center of rug making that goes back centuries. This magnificent antique rug features a traditional central medallion rug design and was created around the 1920’s. It has a formal feel and a delicate color palette that makes it perfect for a range of traditional and contemporary room designs.

The garden design aspect of this beautiful area rug brings a touch of nature to the interior space. It features a range of birds and floral patterns in a delightful color palette. This nature inspired rug features the natural world in all its splendor with lions hunting boars and the creatures of the forest tucked throughout the design.

Today, Tehran is a thriving metropolitan city, but it did not develop its own rug weaving traditions until relatively recently. Other Persian rugs where woven in centers, such as Bidjar, Heriz, and Khorassan, have been creating traditional patterns for centuries. Tehran was able to build on these traditions to create unique designs and high end luxurious rugs of high quality. They would quickly develop their own style that sets them apart in the world of fine and antique rugs.

The finely woven Persian Tehran area rugs are a feast for the eyes with fields filled with intricate details. While the overall composition relies on traditional Persian area rug design patterns, the use of color and design style of the motifs sets them apart. The color palette of this Persian Tehran large size area rug is harmonious and reflects the natural world. This makes it perfect for a room where you do not want the bold colors found in traditional Persian rugs from other parts of the country.

Tehran is situated in the center of other cities that are famous for their rug production. Relatively few pieces were created in this area of the country. As such, they are often difficult to find on the open market. The magnificent details of the motifs make them a cherished part of a collection or complement a nature-inspired space. This larger size antique Persian Tehran area rug would make a beautiful addition to a formal room design in a classic style or to add a touch of tradition to a contemporary one.

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