Fine Decorative Soft Color Large Size Floral Design Vintage Persian Kerman Medallion Rug 71775


Size: 13 ft x 19 ft 9 in (3.96 m x 6.02 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Magnificent Large Vintage Persian Kerman Rug, Country of Origin: Vintage Persian, Circa Date: 1950 – This exquisite Persian rug has the fine weave and attention to detail that made the fine antique Persian Kerman carpets some of the most desirable in the world. Kerman is a weaving center that once created the beautiful masterpieces that graced the grand palaces of the Persian courts. They are still known for their artistic use of traditional design elements and gorgeous colors. This carpet is a special type of Kerman that makes it even more collectible.

After enjoying centuries as the historic center of court rugs weaving for the Safavid Dynasty, the city of Kerman was burned to the ground during a period of civil conflict. This forced many of the weavers to take up residence and start up their workshops in the nearby city of Lavar. These became known as Lavar Kerman rugs. They were known for their fine workmanship that produced and rugs with a fine handle and subtleties in the design that are breathtaking. This vintage rug was created in the 1880’s, which is a time when there was an effort underway to revive the once-famous Persian carpet weaving industry.

The original fine Persian area rugs that were woven in Kerman are known for their graceful and fluid floral designs. In this carpet, branches with spring flowers sweep to surround the delicate central medallion. The pinks, salmons, and grays of this carpet could easily fit into contemporary color palettes. Designers often begin with the perfect area rug that reflects the tastes and style of the homeowner and then build the rest of the room around it. This carpet has an elegant and refined style.

The abundant floral pattern of this vintage Persian Kerman carpet is refreshing and light. The free flowing vegetation adds an innocent and calming character to the design. The large vintage Kerman carpet has a carefully planned design that is skillfully executed. The end result is a piece that almost has a sublime quality that will transform the space. This piece has a level of artistry that combines color and design in a way that one does not see available often.

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