Fine Intricate Floral Antique Persian Dragon Design Kerman Medallion Rug 72235

Size: 11 ft x 14 ft 2 in (3.35 m x 4.32 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Stunning Antique Persian Kerman Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 1880 – Kerman is a city with a long tradition of making some of the most magnificent rugs in the world. Its carpets have been known for high quality for many centuries. Rugs from this city are known for their high-quality wool and brilliant colors. Their striking florals and medallion rugs are some of the most sought-after rugs in the world, but occasionally, one comes along that stands out even more. This dragon rug from the latter part of the 19th century is one of those pieces.

One feature that sets Kerman rugs apart is their high level of detail and high knot count. This allowed them to create rugs that have the fine detail you might only expect to find in a painting. The one features motifs that you often do not find anywhere in the world of rug collecting. The dragons located on the ends of the medallion field make this rug a unique and rare find.

Another quality that makes this rug stand out is the intricacy of the central medallion motif. It looks like a kaleidoscope and will catch the light of the room brilliantly. This rug is awe-inspiring and would make an excellent piece for a collection or fine estate. It is a piece that will spark conversations and will be a breathtaking addition to any formal room.

Many times, pieces that demonstrate such a high degree of artistic talent were commissioned by the emerging upper class that was a result of the industrial revolution. This class included factory owners and upper managers who wanted to show off their newfound success.

The brilliant colors of this rug create a lasting first impression and make it stand out as a masterpiece. This year’s trending color palettes include rich reds, pinks, and other vibrant color combinations. The reds of this carpet are reminiscent of the spices that were once stranded along the Silk Road. This rare piece is a treasure that does not come around often and will be the pinnacle of a collection or exquisitely designed interior space.

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