Large Antique Persian Animal Design Sultanabad Rug 71476


Size: 12 ft 8 in x 16 ft (3.86 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Decorative And Beautiful Large Size Antique Persian Animal Design Sultanabad Rug, Origin Country: Persia, Weaving date: 1880’s – Antique Persian Sultanabad rugs from the late 19th century are some of the most desirable and beautiful rugs in the world. This magnificent rug was created in the 1880’s and features higher level of detail that you would normally expect from the wonderful antique Persian Sultanabad rugs. Floral and garden themes are common motifs in the Persian rugs from this area. They often feature an all-over design and backgrounds that are filled with detail. It is a gorgeous example that stands out for several reasons.

This antique Persian Sultanabad rug features whimsical animal designs among abundant plant life. Although Sultanabad rugs with animals are not uncommon, they are not as abundant as those featuring only florals and plants. This is one of the characteristics that makes this rug stand out as unique in its class.

Another feature of this rug that makes it stand out is its regal color combination. Browns are once again becoming an important element of interior design this year. For several years, styles have favored natural colors that reflect the earth and the natural world. Captivating antique rugs such as this example are delightful decorative rugs that brings a touch of nature to the indoor space.

The piece was created at a time when rug weaving masters were attempting to revive the Persian rug industry after a time of civil strife nearly brought it to a halt several decades earlier. During that time, the old masters were called to, once again, create the motifs and styles that made the Persian rug industry famous. They created designs based on tradition, but they also added to them to create something new. The artistic mastery demonstrated in this rug design highlights the skill of the Persian area rug weavers and a precision that can only be created by experienced and trained hands.

This gorgeous Sultanabad rug would make an excellent addition to a formal dining room or other areas where you wish to make a statement. It would be the perfect addition to traditional furniture, or you could use it to add color and pattern to a room with contemporary pieces. Regardless of where you decide to use it, this Persian Sultanabad rug will bring its sophisticated and regal air to the space.

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