Modern Animal Motif Silk Chinese Area Rug 49923

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Size: 9 ft x 11 ft 9 in (2.74 m x 3.58 m)
Origin: China

Breathtaking Animal Motif Modern Chinese Silk Rug, Rug Origin: China, The Rug Weaving Date: New / Modern Rug – This stunning, intricately patterned Chinese rug is made from the finest silk. Handcrafted in China with exquisite attention to detail, this luxurious carpet features patterns within patterns. All these refined designs are seemingly radiating artistically out around a central medallion which is flanked by four meticulously rendered paisley designs. A series of intricately rendered borders encase this beautiful silk rug and depict birds of paradise flying through leafy, lush, floral vines.

Images of deer and resting birds also appear within a sea of floral designs and scroll work. The animal motifs with this beautiful modern rug make it especially interesting. The refined fauna being featured in an elegant way so their presence meshes fluidly with the rest of the design and patterns. Illustrations of mountain ranges appear frequently along with lamps, vases and urns set off perfectly by the warm gold and burgundy tones of the silk modern Chinese rug. The tasseled ends are beautifully finished with detailed geometric embossed floral patterns at their base.

The craftsmanship employed to create this beautiful animal motif silk modern Chinese rug is unrivaled. The individual strands are so precisely woven that it is almost impossible to detect them, even at close range. The animals and flowers are portrayed so well that it looks like they might take flight or leap right out of the pattern. An the magnificent flowers are just waiting to be picked. The rug from China seems to be “alive”, filled with vivacity and warmth.

This unique fine modern silk area rug was created based on the iconic designs of some of the most refines Persian rugs. This modern Chinese silk rug combines the best of all worlds. It is a very impressive and finely woven silk example that would be a breathtaking addition to any room. The rug’s historical roots of the designs are a perfect complement the modernity of this magnificent modern animal design silk Chinese area rug.

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