Antique Gallery Size 17th Century Isfahan Persian Rug 3338

Size: 7 ft 7 in x 20 ft 4 in (2.31 m x 6.2 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Breathtaking Gallery Size Antique Isfahan Persian Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: 17th century – A grand floral composition graces the field of this masterpiece of Classical Persian weaving.  Flowering vines and palmettes undulate outward to the sides up the length of the field in harmonious bilateral symmetry. Time has turned the magenta ground a deep rose lavender, but it still provides a lovely setting for the soft green and golden tones used to render the vines and the animals that frolic amidst them. The border is quite extraordinary, consisting as it does of cartouches made up of floral bouquets. The dominant green of these cartouches contrasts nicely with the lavender and tan viney mesh that comprises the background of the border. The minor borders of stepped half-rosettes look almost lace like in their delicate precision.  Classical Persian carpets are often standard in their design, however impressive they may be. This one, however, has a uniqueness that is very hard to come by in carpets of this age and style.

This grand, breathtaking gallery size antique Persian rug dates to the 17th century during a time when the Persian city of Isfahan was the major rug weaving center. At the time when this antique Persian Isfahan rug was first created, Isfahan was producing antique Persian rugs that found their way into palaces, the homes of royalty and important public spaces. This is the type of antique Persian rug that would have been used in such a setting, making it a particularly significant antique Oriental carpet.

The design of the this extremely rare and collectible antique rug uses a repeating motif in the field and main border of the wide hallway gallery size rug. The design of this spectacular 17th century Persian carpet is directional, with all of the animals facing the same direction. This draws the eye upwards along the vertical and makes this long and narrow 17th century Isfahan Persian rug appear to be even larger. It was meant to occupy a large space and make that space appear even bigger, giving it an ethereal or sublime quality. This marvelous antique Persian 17th century Isfahan rug makes a bold statement and will highlight large-scale architectural elements easily.

The animals leap and prance in a Persian garden paradise. The animals represented include both the hunter and the hunted. Many times, symbolism such as this represented a certain historical event, or an ideal that represented a certain ruler or aristocrat. Often, these breathtaking antique rugs were commissioned by a specific person for an event or building.

This antique gallery size 17th Century Isfahan Persian rug is impressive for its scale, its use of color, and it design. It is as important of a piece historically as it is for its artistic value. An early rug such as this is a rare find indeed.

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