Cream Color Modern Moroccan Design Runner 61060


Size: 3 ft x 18 ft 7 in (0.91 m x 5.66 m)

Cream Color Modern Moroccan Style Runner Rug, Country /Origin: Afghanistan, Rug Date: New / Modern – The rugs of the Beni Ourain tribes of Morocco have fascinated designers and served as the foundation of many inspired designs. This one is a modern piece that draws inspiration from these traditional pieces and recreates them in a design that is modern and perfect for contemporary room designs. This is a runner rug that could easily fit into a long hallway or as an accent in a larger room.

The cream background with a range of brown accents gives it an earthy feel. It is a perfect piece for a space that features elements of the natural world. The design is subtle and inspired by traditional Moroccan tribal rugs. The motifs on traditional rugs were often inspired by the world around them. They were often in off-white with deep brown patterns in high contrast. This rug mimics the organic design of the traditional rugs only in a more subtle tone-on-tone. The artist highlights the design and adds texture using high and low piles.

This is a gorgeous piece that will add a subtle texture and cozy feel to the space. It is an excellent addition to traditional, contemporary, or retro-inspired design. The design reminds you of small streams cutting through the landscape or the meandering path water takes on the sand. It is a gorgeous piece with a fascinating design that will add character to any space. The organic design of this rug will soften a modern space and allow you to add color and texture to a minimalist space without breaking the feel of the design.

Moroccan rugs have been an integral part of room design since the mid-20th century when designers used them to soften hard edges. We still love them for many of the same reasons today, and they fit well into a wide range of contemporary décor styles. This magnificent piece will make an excellent addition to your hallway or longer room.

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