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Vintage Fabrics and MCM Textiles by Verner Panton (b. 1926 – 1998) – Panton, is considered to be one of Denmark’s most iconic and recognizable mid century modern designers. Using a child like imaginative approach, Panton created futuristic and innovative interiors as well furniture designs.

Panton began his career as a painter before studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. After graduating in 1951, Panton worked for the iconic Mid 20th century architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. This experience has provided young Panton with the tools to be able to go off and create his own iconic designs and decors.

Way back in the 1970’s, Verner Panton took a deep dive into the realm of forms and color. Due to his recent successes, Panton moved forth into altogether new and innovative lines.

For example, Panton’s Visiona 2 bares a keen resemblance to that of fireworks. Never one to limit his design aspirations to just a single article, he managed to incorporate not only the furniture but also the textile fabrics, wall panels, lighting into the creation of Visiona 2!

Some standout examples of this include his private Villa in Binningen Switzerland and also the Varna Palace in Arhus, Denmark, modeled in 1972 and 1971 respectively. His Living Sculpture, once presiding over the sitting room in his Villa, has been made available to the public at the Centre Pompidou museum in Paris, France.

Lest we forget, there is also the design of the new Gruner & Jahr publishing house in Hamburg, Germany from 1973. Preceding this design by 4 years was the equally expansive interior design of the Spiegel building.

Panton’s extensive foray into fabric and textile design shows his strong preference for bold colors and strong geometric forms. As a result of his textile design, during the mid-1970’s a variety of his iconic Panton fabric textiles were released featuring evermore expressive print development.

Some of the Panton textiles include the Case, Fiori, Castello, Grande and Grafica collections. All of which were released in 1975. All of these Panton fabrics and textiles were manufactured by the Mira-X AG company, working alongside Panton, in Switzerland beginning in 1971.

He also worked with a Danish manufacturer called Fritz Hansen during the 1970’s in order to create the Panton furniture featuring his System 1-2-3 designs.

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