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Moroccan Rugs – At the Nazmiyal Collection of Antique Rugs, we are proud to present some of the best and most beautiful vintage rugs and carpets from Morocco ever assembled in one collection. For the last 20 years, we have searched and traveled through small villages and the harsh mountains of the Bebers and the Beni Ourains to find the most desirable and unique collection of vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets.

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*Please note that the custom sized Moroccan carpets are examples of Moroccan rugs that we pieced together for customers in the past

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The Moroccan rugs are most famous for┬átheir dynamic color designs and bold geometric patterns. Today, the Moroccan rug is one the industry’s hottest design trend. Each piece is a sliver of history, a slice of true folk art, and is an heirloom that may be passed down for generations.

Though their earliest existence only dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, these pieces have withstood the test of time and have earned their social status with the ever-changing interior design world.

These beauties are the birth-child of a cross between central and western Turkish rugs during the mid 1800’s. Notoriously distinct for their geometric designs, the Moroccan rug features bold designs that differ from traditional traditional Persian rugs adding an element of timelessness.

Designs remind me of a precursor to the designs stemmed from the Bauhaus movement, which also featured strong geometry and popping color palettes. These versatile bad boys are great statement pieces that will withstand the test of time regardless of changing trends in the design field.

The Moroccan rugs have become “the rug of choice” for many interior designers as well as private consumers. They don’t have a long history but are most notable for their dynamic colorful modernist designs as well as for their strong sense of geometric structure (and abstract designs). None so far have been dated to before the mid nineteenth century, when their production began as an adaptation of central and western Turkish rugs, whose repertoire was followed closely by the weavers in Morocco.

The Moroccan rugs are, nevertheless, distinctive in their coloration and in the more block-like geometry of their composition.

Where to buy Vintage Moroccan Rugs?

Nazmiyal Collection has one of the largest collections of vintage Moroccan rugs and carpets that are available to be purchased. We hand pick every single piece and for every carpet we buy, we rejected at least 80. Curating such a comprehensive collection is not easy and quite time consuming.

But the results speak for themselves as we have assembled one of the most impressive collection of the real vintage carpets from Morocco. Brows our collection online before buying and fell free to ask questions or have additional detailed images sent to you before you make your purchase.

Where does Nazmiyal find it’s Moroccan rugs and carpets?

Nazmiyal Collection has sourced its Moroccan wool rug selection from the more isolated areas of the Atlas Mountains searching far and wide for the last true vintage and antique rugs woven by these nomadic tribes. We take pride in the fact that our collection is one of the most comprehensive in the world and contains many of the best original decorative pieces from Morocco. We give all of our love and effort in order to offer you the best pieces available at the best possible value.

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Showing 1–36 of 179 results

Showing 1–36 of 179 results