Primitive Vintage Red Moroccan Rug 70089


Size: 5 ft 8 in x 12 ft (1.73 m x 3.66 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

A Magnificently Artistic and Primitive Vintage Moroccan Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Rugs From Morocco, Circa Date: Vintage / Mid 20th Century – This magnificent rug from Morocco has the quality of beautiful watercolors in the fiery colors of the sunset. This vintage Moroccan rug is from the mid-20th century and has a primitive quality that alludes to its primitive, tribal origins. The tribal vintage Moroccan rugs were popular in the mid-20th century to provide an earthy contrast to the stark, linear designs that were popularized by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Ray Eames. These spectacular vintage mid century modern rugs were used to add softness to the harsh lines of early modern style.

This vintage Moroccan rug uses a simple design based on crossing lines, diamonds, and alternating squares in the border. The border is small, compared to the design of the field, which emphasizes the scale of the main rug design. The edge borders add a balance to an otherwise asymmetrical design.

The lines of the Moroccan rug and the geometric forms give the rug structure, but it is the treatment of the red background that forms the most interesting feature of this breathtaking rug. The rug begins with pink, then shifts to reds, eventually transitioning into colors that are closely related. The colors gradually fade from one color into the next. This gives the feeling of a sunset scene, just as the purples and blues of the night sky begin to drift downward to engulf the landscape.

This vintage Moroccan rug is a captivating and important part of mid-20th century design history. Its softness and brilliant color will make it an excellent addition to a modern design that needs a touch of softness to make it warm and inviting. This is the perfect rug to add an earthy glow to any modern home or office.

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