Vintage Abstract Design Moroccan Berber Hallway Runner Rug 47909


Size: 3 ft 9 in x 14 ft 6 in (1.14 m x 4.42 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

A fascinating series of reds delights in this starkly simple mid-century Moroccan carpet.

Wonderfully Artistic Abstract Design Vintage Moroccan Berber Runner Rug, Country / Origin: Morocco, Circa / Rug Date: Mid-20th Century – This cheerful vintage hallway runner rug from Morocco will fool you into thinking that it is the work of a modern artists. Moroccan rugs were popular in the mid 20th century because even though they are made by tribal people, they were the inspiration for many contemporary and iconic mid century designers in Europe and throughout the world.

This Moroccan Berber runner rug features a beautiful and straightforward design of gently contrasting tones. Brilliantly understated, this vintage Moroccan Berber carpet is an intriguing example of the power of minimalist design – for despite its non-embellished field, this Moroccan Berber runner rug possesses a dynamic energy. With irregular bands of various shades of reds and red-browns appearing at seemingly random intervals, this carpet offers surprises and delights as the eye travels over it, all without distracting with any sort of decoration. Tremendously versatile, an authentic mid-century Moroccan runner such as this pleasing example suit an incredible range of interiors, from more classically composed spaces, to more mid-century modern geared interiors. A fascinating series of reds delights in this starkly simple mid-century Moroccan runner rug.

The abstract area rugs from Morocco are quite sophisticated in their simplicity. Gazing down the field of this captivating runner rug will instantly transport you back in time and to far away desert locations of norther Africa. This the wavy feel of the design of this warm and cozy Moroccan runner rug, is reminiscent of the warm desert sands that were gently kissed by the passing winds. It is as if you are peering off into the distance of the great African deserts as sunset.

This captivating vintage area rug from Morocco will be sure to warm up and add some artistic flair wherever you choose to showcase and place it.

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