Abstract Vintage Red Moroccan Rug 70564

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Size: 5 ft 7 in x 10 ft 10 in (1.7 m x 3.3 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Abstract and Beautiful Vintage Red Moroccan Rug, Country Of Origin: Morocco, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – This vintage red Moroccan abstract design rug is one of the most distinct area rugs of its kind available. With only three distinct colors, it creates a stunning design. Although Moroccan rugs are known for their geometric shapes, specifically diamonds, there are also plenty of popular designs with more flexibility. This rug is an excellent example of the variance within vintage Moroccan rugs. It primarily features a vivid red that dominates most of the color scheme, but it also features subtle, cleverly placed threads of black and white.

Overall, these colors combine to create an elegant rug that stands apart from other Moroccan designs without abandoning the key elements that make it iconic. The somber quality of this rug makes it the perfect addition to any room. It complements entertainment rooms, dining rooms, and living rooms perfectly and will give the home a warm glow. However, it also looks great on the floor of business rooms and other formal settings.

Moroccan rugs have an elaborate and somewhat tumultuous history that gives them an additional cultural benefit. They were extremely influential in the survival of the Moroccan people when they were just a nomadic tribe, and then they played a huge role in their ascent into affluence later. Throughout thousands and thousands of years, they have evolved and thrived decorating the houses of the powerful and wealthy across the globe. Moroccan rugs have continued to maintain their popularity even today because interior designers consider them extremely complementary to modernist decor.

In terms of vintage rugs, this Moroccan rug provides a lot of artistic flexibility as it meshes well with many different aesthetic types. It will fit in a variety of rooms because of its largely solid coloring and especially matches well with dark furniture. Because of its sharp lines and solid coloring, this rug will bring elegance and solemn authority to any room where it resides.

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