Vintage Shaggy Moroccan Azilal Rug 48949

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Size: 4 ft x 11 ft 6 in (1.22 m x 3.51 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

This vintage shaggy Moroccan Azilal rug from Morocco features diagonal shapes and strong, rigid lines to create a grounding presence in the vintage rug. The vibrant activity present at the center of the rug draws the viewer’s attention away from the beige background, resulting in a presentation that is not unlike paint used on a canvas. Messy rows of jagged teeth line the left and right sides of the masterpiece, pointing inward to create a simple border that frames the activity at the core of the shaggy Moroccan rug. These teeth feature a fantastic variety of colors, ranging from vivacious oranges and yellows to cooler purples and greens. Several diamond shapes and angular-moving lines are active along the landscape, drawing attention to their paths of motion and generating interest against the backdrop. Several of the moving configurations of this vintage Moroccan Azilal rug seem to end in definitive figures, such as tassels and beetles, and brightly colored shrubs randomly dot the landscape.

Beautiful Tribal Design Vintage Shaggy Moroccan Azilal Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Moroccan Rugs, Circa Date: 3rd Quarter Of The 20th Century – The delightful, primitive charm of this vintage Moroccan Azilal rug has an abstract, childlike quality that adds a touch of playfulness to the room. The designs of these breathtaking vintage Moroccan rugs are simple, and this particular example uses bright primary colors to create a design that has its own unique sense of character.

Even though the traditions behind Moroccan tribal rugs go back thousands of years, these rugs experienced a resurgence for the abstract qualities of the designs during the mid-20th century. They became popular again beside the works of many modern abstract artists. They are still treasured for their abstract quality and ability to serve as a central piece of artwork within the room.

This unique vintage rug will stand on its own as the focal point of the room. It is a large, narrow and long Moroccan Azilal rug that would work well to draw attention to an area or feature of the architecture or to the space itself. This vintage shaggy Moroccan rug would go well in industrial, modern, minimalist, or any contemporary design scheme. It can easily find itself at home among pieces by Picasso, Mondrian, or other famous abstract artists, creating a contrast between the older traditions of the tribal culture and the new art forms of the modern era.

The beautiful design of the vintage shaggy Moroccan Azilal rug accentuates the whims of the artist as she wove along creating the design. The beauty of Moroccan rugs is that they appear to be unplanned. Each line and color change of this remarkable Azilal rug is like a brushstroke that reflects the feeling and design tastes of the skilled artisans who create them.

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