Vintage Mid Century Moroccan Rug 45848

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Size: 5 ft 6 in x 11 ft 9 in (1.68 m x 3.58 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Delightfully detailed, this impressive vintage rug from Morocco features a classic latticework pattern with artful breaks and intricate symbolic motifs.

Beautiful Mid Century Vintage Moroccan Rug, Country of Origin: Morocco, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – Moroccan tribal carpets have a unique character that they bring to the room design. The symbols and design have meanings that go back many centuries and tell the story of a fascinating people and culture. This gorgeous piece has a long pile that gives it a soft, warm texture. It is comfortable and luxurious, as well as a beautiful work of primitive artwork.

During the mid-20th century, these gorgeous rugs became a familiar sight in many styles from Eames to more organic styles, such as Danish Modern. They have an organic quality that softens the angular lines of streamlined rooms. Moroccan rugs have remained favorites since the mid-20th century, and they have recently experienced a resurgence in popularity.

Just as the retro furniture that sparked the first come back is once again popular, so it is with tribal rugs, too. This one has a gorgeous, primitive design that is a bit on the playful side. It will add a light and whimsical air to the room.

This rug is made using natural wool colors using primitive techniques and simple tools. Hand-knotted rugs go back to man’s ancient past and connect us to our common global heritage. This rug is perfect for adding a geometric element to the design without adding harsh lines. It would pair well with minimalist or retro furniture that features simple geometric shapes and bold lines.

This is a vintage rug that you will want to show off by making it the feature element of the room. It is the perfect complement to furniture that has plenty of open space underneath. It would be the perfect focal point for creating a cozy conversation area in a larger room, too. Of course, if your style is a bit more eclectic or on the Boho chic side, this rug is a design essential. Regardless of your style, this is the perfect vintage piece to create a cozy space for relaxing.

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