Small Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Shag Rya Rug 45165


Size: 4 ft 6 in x 6 ft 5 in (1.37 m x 1.96 m)

Abstract figures with a geometric structure and crystalline form decorate the marvelously textural field of this vintage mid-century modern shag Rya rug from Scandinavia.

Small Vintage Swedish Scandinavian Shag Rya Rug, Country Of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa date: Middle part of the 20th Century – Scandinavians have a legendary reputation for their cutting-edge mid-century designs, and this vintage rug lives up to them all. Most of all, Scandinavian designers have the uncanny ability capture the classic elements that make their creations so enduring and timeless.

Woven in the mid-20th century, this fabulous vintage Swedish shag Rya features an abstract and undeniably modern visage rendered in an unexpected and unpredictable combination of butterscotch brown, mahogany and sienna paired with aubergine accents. Abstract figures with a crystalline composition are offset dramatically by the creamy white background. Textural bark-like shading and Punchinello holes add a unique dimensional quality to this charming small scatter size vintage Swedish Scandinavian shag Rya rug.

The gorgeous abstract Swedish area rugs, from the mid-20th century, bring a touch of nature into the space. It is also an excellent representation of several artistic elements that were popular during the time of its creation. Now, Nordic-inspired rugs are once again finding their way into our interiors and represent a major design trend this year.

The Rya vintage Scandinavian rugs were an important part of mid century modern design. Furniture styles of the time were crisp, clean, and minimalist. They featured minimalist legs and open space under the seats. These furniture styles open up new design spaces, and interior designers were eager to take advantage of them.

These vintage rugs add an organic, natural feel to the room that stands as a stark contrast to the popular furniture styles at the time. These magnificent vintage shag rugs feature a long pile that would later become what is known as the “shag” carpet. This weaving technique goes back many centuries and was a way to keep warm during cold Nordic nights.

During the middle part of the 20th century, they were used to serve as a contrast and soften the harsh lines and angular elements of the room design. Now, companies have brought back retro-style furniture with minimalist legs that highlight the floor space. Once again Scandinavian Rya rugs are an important design element that adds an authentic flavor to the space.

Interior designers turn to nature for inspiration to create a space that gives you the same feeling of peace that you feel when you are in the natural world. This vintage area rug represents natural wood with angles and lines that cross, mimicking the angular nature of the furniture. Browns are making a comeback in this year’s design styles.

Vintage Scandinavian rugs and rugs that represent elements of being in the outdoors in their colors and designs are popular this year. This vintage Swedish shag rug combines all these elements into a single piece that is perfect for adding a touch of authenticity to your vintage-style room or modern retro-inspired home decor.

This vintage area rug would make a beautiful addition to a room filled with large plant materials and other pieces that reflect the natural world. It is a smaller size vintage area rug that could serve as an accent rug or as a wall hanging tapestry rug. The design will add a personal touch to any space where it will bring warmth and create a unique, contemporary design.

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