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Learn More About Ecuadorian Rugs from Ecuador by Nazmiyal

Ecuadorian Rugs – Although Ecuador is not especially well known for its area rug and carpet weaving industry, textiles have existed in the Andean Region since Pre-Columbian times. Upon the arrival of the Spanish in the fifteenth century, the rug industry in the region rapidly expanded. Due to this increased demand, the Spanish colonizers began producing large textile workshops in the highlands. This was the beginning of large scale carpet production in the Andes, as well as the beginning of the commercialization of indigenous art in the region.

Meanwhile, the production of rugs and carpets by local people, utilizing the skills learned from the colonial period, would go on to be a significant source of rug production in the region. Significantly, this development saw the widespread incorporation of traditional folklore and motifs particular to Ecuador into rug production. While there are not a lot of Ecuadorian rugs on the market, what they lack in numbers they surely make up for in beauty.

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