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Antique Luxury Rugs and Luxurious Carpets

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Antique Luxury Rugs - Join Nazmiyal on an exploration of the world's best vintage rugs and antique carpets. The Collection of best antique rugs is our latest selling exhibition - highlighting the most extraordinary works from our immense inventory. See the finest, rarest and best antique rugs ever produced in this comprehensive catalog.

Each carpet was hand picked by our specialists as definitive examples of fine craftsmanship and stylistic prowess. These rugs represent thousands of years of refinement and artistic achievement from every corner of the world and are some of the best antique rugs on the market today.

We assembled this family of the best antique carpets in order to offer collectors and investors an enrapturing, culturally rich look at this extraordinary handcraft. Not only does each item represent the pinnacle of carpet weaving, but the entire group seamlessly fits together and gives viewers a holistic look at the evolution and diversity of luxury and rugs. This high-end exhibit captures the many styles, regional and practical variations that arise within these culturally individual creations from Persia, India, Turkey, China, Europe and other influential countries and regions.

Master weavers, professional dyers and well-funded ateliers all contributed to this worldly compilation of the best antique rugs. From the 17th century through the Golden Age of hand-knotted fine rugs, this unique exhibit represents centuries of advancement and works of art that will always stand out for their pursuit of perfection. By their nature, these beautifully colored, impeccably styled and well-crafted antique carpets are incomparably rare and valuable. Every antique rug in this ensemble was chosen for its extraordinary traits and its potential as an investment or as the crown jewel of a carefully curated display.

Luxurious Persian Silk Prayer Luxury Rug by nazmiyal
Luxurious Persian Silk Prayer Luxury Rug

Antique luxury rugs for everyone!

Luxury rugs are the perfect accompaniment for modern or traditional decor. The textures, materials, colors and designs featured in fine carpets exude elegance and sophistication. Discerning customers seeking luxury rugs with extraordinary features can find a complete selection of unique pieces at Nazmiyal Collection.

From luxurious Moroccan rugs to antique Persian rugs, Nazmiyal is the ultimate source for high-end floor coverings. Shoppers will be treated to an amazing selection of one-of-a-kind rugs and antique carpets that have outstanding designs and beautifully oxidized colors. Silk rugs, hand-made wool carpets and kilims created by Scandinavian rug master weavers are a few of the collectible items available now. Buyers with specific needs and extraordinary desires will find the perfect luxury rug at Nazmiyal Collection.

Buying luxury rugs direct and save!

When it comes to buying luxury rugs, it pays to buy the rugs directly from the source. Nazmiyal Collection is the best-kept secret in the carpet industry. Today, there's no need to join a buying club or call an old friend with connections.

Nazmiyal Collection allows domestic and international retail customers to buy luxurious rugs direct, without a middle man, or third-party liaison. Simply eliminating buyer's premiums and auction fees can result in tremendous savings on the purchase of antique luxury area rug or hand-knotted carpet.

Shoppers who want the best and most luxurious antique carpets need to go directly to the source. Those who want the assurance and experience of buying rugs direct can shop online or visit the Nazmiyal gallery in New York City. You don't need an invitation to save because you're already invited to buy rugs direct.

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