Fine Antique Persian Khorassan Room Size Area Rug 50342


Size: 11 ft x 14 ft 5 in (3.35 m x 4.39 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Fine Luminous Antique Room Size Persian Khorassan Rug, Country of Origin: Persia, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This antique Khorassan rug from Persia is produced in the detail-rich style that is characteristic of some of the best rugs in the region. The outer frames are decorated with floral chains that ripple with life. Various flower motifs are artfully laid out through the work to draw the eye to the intricate focal area. Shades of pale, sweet sand colors stand with succulent cobalt, which are further accentuated by beautiful touches of crimson, periwinkle and sage. All of these colors come together to create a beautifully flowing palette that is both beautiful to look at and especially to live with. All of the colors are chosen to create a distinct sensation of harmony, welcoming the viewer to enjoy every minute detail of this fine and decorative antique Persian Khorassan rug.

From the heart of the old world Khorassan providence, this exquisite antique Persian rug embodies a traditional hand woven pattern with a lot of fine detail. The lovely soft coloration is quite calming and the intricately refined design patterns are visually striking, with many noteworthy features. The neutral, background color in the main border and luminous blue of the field serve as a canvas for beautiful soft delicate floral blossoms and vines.

Fine high quality woven area rugs are when make Persian rugs woven in larger cities so special. The higher weave quality is what enables the weavers of these spectacular antique rugs to pay attention to even the smallest of details. In addition, this specific piece also incorporates a luminous blue color that refracts the light similar to the way silk rugs would. That is why rugs like this are extremely luxurious in look and feel.

When shopping and buying rugs, coming across area rugs like this, would be exciting, because, both living with, and decorating around, such beautiful rugs would be fun and easy.

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