Large 18th Century Rare Antique Kurdish Shrub Design Tribal Rug 47430

Size: 12 ft 8 in x 18 ft (3.86 m x 5.49 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A latticework fills this antique Persian rug with warm, autumnal tones and a distinctly botanical shrub design rug theme. A golden medallion rests in the middle of the antique Kurdish rug, formed of a tilted diamond that appears to have sprouted a pair of leaves, one at the top and one below. A quartet of trees ringed by small flowers rests within the sunny shape. Around this, the lattice unfurls, each strut made from yellow and green leaves with jagged edges, displaying small, round flowers where they meet. The diamonds formed by this pattern each contain floral figures, from trees and bushes to ferns or sprays of tiny, perfectly stitched blossoms. A set of borders encloses the central field of this Shrub design antique rug, twined with vines and flowers in bright colors.

Breathtaking Rare Large Size 18th Century Antique Kurdish Shrub Design Rug, Country Of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 18th Century – This exquisite stately 18th century antique Kurdish shrub design rug is an essential piece for the home or office. This spectacular antique rug was produced by a people who lived among picturesque mountains surrounded by beauty. They revered nature and were connected to the plants and animals of the region in an intimate way. This antique Kurdish shrub design rug is a tribute to the abundance of plant life that surrounded them.

An explosion of reds, pinks, blues, yellows, and brown floral elements stand out magnificently against a dark background. The rug has a central medallion that is surrounded by an all over field. The main border of the rug is proportionally smaller than the area taken up by the field of this breathtaking early rug, which highlights it as a supporting element that is used to frame the central design. The bright red of the main border contrasts with the darker background of the field.

The highlight of this Kurdish shrub design rug is the gated diamonds, each of which pays homage to a certain element of the plant world. Although the central medallion has a distinctive balanced design, the same repetition and balance does not carry out through the rest of the field. Although some bushes and plants designs are used more than once, it is difficult to distinguish a pattern in their placement. The floral elements show the distinct design choices of the weaver as the rug was produced and add a personal touch to the work.

Each element of the plant world holds a special meaning for the people who produced this beautiful work of art. The central medallion and regular gated design of the rug give it a formal quality that would make it an excellent complement to any classic or traditional design. However, the is antique shrub design rug also has a distinctively tribal rug feel that can be seen in the stylized execution of the motifs. This large antique tribal Persian rug would make it an excellent addition to contemporary design as well, making this an essential versatile design piece for any space.

If you are wanting to buy rugs and are looking for one of the best rugs available today, this antique Kurdish shrub design rug would be a phenomenal option. One does not need to be some great maven in the field area rugs to see that this piece is surly one of the most beautiful rugs.

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