Choosing Rugs for Wall Hanging

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Choosing a Rug as Art for Wall Hanging

Rugs for Wall Hanging - Although created as floor covering, smaller rugs also make excellent wall hangings or furniture coverings. A good antique with an effective design worthy of sustained attention will work much like a painting when hung on the wall.

Rugs As Art Home Decorating by Nazmiyal
Rugs As Art Home Decorating

This is why many people choose to display their Rugs as Wall Hangings. Prayer rugs with architectural niche compositions are especially effective on the wall, where they function like windows, so as to expand or open up the space of the room. Supple antique rugs are wonderful as "throws" on a sofa or chair, and they make lovely bedspreads or tablecloths.

Rugs As Artistic Wall Hangings by nazmiyal
Rugs As Artistic Wall Hangings

Indeed, when Oriental rugs were first imported to Europe they were considered too precious to be walked on, but were used instead as tablecloths.

As an example, the leather couch for the patients in Sigmund Freud's famous office in Vienna was covered by his prized Qasghai'i rug. Many people throughout the years have been using rugs as wall hangings and view them as prized textile art pieces. [Read more: Textile Art and Rugs for the Wall]

While rugs might be considered to be "pricey", they are nowhere near the price points that paintings are. For a fraction of the price that a great master painting might cost, people could acquire textiles and rugs that have the same, if not more, of an artistic impact. View our Consumer Guide to Buying Oriental Rugs to learn more.