Abstract Modernist French Tapestry by Lars Gynning 72801


Size: 4 ft 10 in x 5 ft 9 in (1.47 m x 1.75 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Abstract Modernist French Tapestry by Lars Gynning, country of origin / rug type: French rug, Circa date: Modern – This gorgeous tapestry rug by Lars Gynnning is an excellent choice for today’s trending color palettes, and it is a fine collectible from a notable artist. Its blues, grays, and mauves add a cool and refreshing touch. This contemporary rug has an abstract design that will give your home or office a modern flavor.

Lars Gyning was a Swedish artist who was once a designer for the famous Aubusson textile works in France’s Creuse region. Many of his pieces were created as tapestries for the wall. This piece was created in the 1980’s and is signed by the artist. You will also notice the stylized PF in the lower left corner. This is the mark of Pinton Freres, the director of one of the Aubusson tapestry works at the time. Gynning began creating designs for them in the early 1940’s.

The name of this piece is “Gryning,” which is Swedish for “dawn” or “morning light.” This rug is in the colors of the rising sun and was undoubtedly inspired by a sunrise captured on a beautiful morning. Gynning’s works are considered modern abstracts and are often easy to recognize by the style.

This tapestry rug uses soft, muted colors that feel like a fresh reminder of spring flowers on a beautiful morning. This French rug will give the room a light and air feeling that is optimistic and bright. The idea of using a statement piece to create a focal point in the room is coming back, and this rug is an excellent way to draw the eye in a modern room. This rug could also be used in a Mid-century Modern room as a way to brighten it and give it an uplifting feel.

This is a magnificent piece by a famous mid-century artist. It will make a magnificent addition to your contemporary, modern, or midcentury decor. Our team of rug professionals is always ready to help answer any questions you might have.

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