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Was At Sea by Brita Molin Vintage Scandinavian Carpet 48514

Size: 9 ft 7 in x 6 ft 1 in (2.92 m x 1.85 m)

This vintage Swedish carpet by Brita Molin depicts picturesque movement through the use of bold colors and strong, weaving lines. The work is arranged with a variety of jewel-toned blues, which include navy, indigo, lapis, teal, and fine periwinkle hues. These deep, cool tones contrast with the brighter points of stark tangerine orange as they draw the eye inward and create vivacious movement, all while still allowing the dominating blues to bloom and flourish. The daring sweep of texture in this carpet leads the eye in a path up and then down to the base of the piece, where the darker green-toned bottom complements and contrasts the airier cerulean form.

A Breathtaking Vintage Scandinavian carpet by Brita Molin titled “Was At Sea”, Country of Origin /Rug Type: Vintage Swedish Rug, Circa Date: 1975 – Brita Molin is a late 20th century Swedish textile designer and artist who is famous for her highly emotional abstracts and use of color to evoke a feeling in the viewer. Many of her works were made into fine vintage carpets. This magnificently captivating textile art piece featured here is a flat weave rug or tapestry that is titled “Was at Sea.”

In this vintage Swedish carpet, the artist creates tension through the use of color and stroke. The tapestry was rendered in such a way that it captured the details of the brushstrokes realistically so that they appear to be more painting-like in their quality. However, the use of tapestry adds the element of texture and movement to the work, giving it a different character from the original painting.

The overall tone of this moving vintage textile art piece is rather dark, with broad heavy strokes broken by fiery reds to create tension. The artist, Brita Molin, used cool colors in a way that evokes a feeling of a stormy sea. Perhaps the red is the flash of distant lightning, or a cloud covered sunset with its brilliant rays peeking through.

The brushstrokes are heavy and the colors are dark and ominous. In this way Brita Molin was able to connect with something that everyone has felt at some time in their life. This vintage Scandinavian rug will add much artistic drama to the space that it occupies and represents an important part of late 20th century art work.

Textile art examples of this level are quite rare. the ability of the artist to capture and convey a feeling of movement and emotion is what elevates the artistic impact and makes this Scandinavian carpet a remarkable example.

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