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A Comprehensive Guide to Antique Chinese Rugs and Carpets

Guide to Antique Chinese Rugs – It is impossible to discuss antique rugs and Oriental carpets without mentioning antique antique Chinese rugs. China, the very image of the Orient to many people, has a long history of producing unique and beautiful rugs.

From traditional rank badges and horse covers, to palatial size carpets, Chinese weaving exhibit an incredible range. Celebrated for their balance and minimalism, Chinese rugs are a wonderful reflection of the culture from which they emerge. Below, find a series of articles pertaining to antique Chinese rugs and carpets.

1. Chinese Art Deco Rugs and Carpets

Chinese Art Deco Rugs

Rugs of all kinds have been produced in China for centuries. Indeed, China is the among the first places people typically think of when they hear a term like “antique Oriental rugs.” Boasting one of the longest and most illustrious rug making traditions anywhere across the globe, China has been responsible for inspiring some of the most important trends and advances in the Oriental rug world. [Read More: Chinese Art Deco Rugs]

2. Antique Chinese Rugs with Dragons

Antique Chinese Rugs with Dragons

The Year of the Dragon, which occurs in 2012, is the luckiest year of all according to the Chinese zodiac. The dragon is an important astrological symbol in the eastern zodiac and is considered the most powerful. This mystical creature celebrated in legends is the only mythical animal featured in the eastern zodiac. [Read More: Antique Chinese Rugs with Dragons]

3. Mongol Carpets and Ilkhanid Dynasty Rug Guide

Ilkhanid Dynasty Rugs and Mongol Carpets Guide

Learn more about the Mongols who, in 13th century, were most well known for ushering in the Islamic culture (almost to the to the point of destruction) to Central Asia, Mesopotamia and what is modern day Iran. [Read More: Ilkhanid Dynasty Rugs and Mongol Rugs]

4. Antique Rugs from the Far East

Ilkhanid Dynasty Rugs and Mongol Carpets Guide

When China china began weaving rugs is still shrouded in mystery. Based on archaeological discoveries, we do know that pile carpets were being woven during the Han Dynasty period which dates back the the 1st through the 3rd centuries. Perhaps, the nomads from the Atlantic who might have been the first weavers of pile rugs, brought this new technique to China. [Read More: Antique Rugs from the Far East]