Early 18th Century Antique Chinese Ningxia Rug 50458

Size: 5 ft 8 in x 8 ft 1 in (1.73 m x 2.46 m)
Origin: China

This Ningxia rug from the 18th century maintains the austerity typical of the style with muted colors and a strong sense of balance, while the cloud motifs lend it an air of the whimsical. The mellow color scheme with touches of blue and brown is typical of this style of area rug. Ningxia has one of the oldest rug making traditions in all of China due to the high quality, silky wool available in the region. The craftsmen of Ningxia were long considered some of the best in all of China, so much so that Emperor Kangxi paid them a visit to admire their work.

A Breathtaking Rare and Collectible Early 18th Century Antique Chinese Ningxia Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: 18th Century Antique Chinese rugs from the Ningxia region were virtually unknown in mainstream China until the early 18th century, making this elegant antique Chinese Ningxia carpet an important historical piece. This beautiful 18th century antique carpet from China consists of a repeating tiled pattern of 12 rectangles. The antique rug wonderfully blends earthy browns and celestial blues to create the sense that one is peering into the heavens.

One of the most unique features of this early 18th century antique Chinese Ningxia rug is that each of the sections has its own set of formal borders, formal corners and a field, but the overall design of the Ningxia rug does not. This lack of a main border cloud band surrounding the whole of the design allows the eye to continue off the edge, rather than being restricted to the area of this beautiful early rug. The order and structure embodied in the repeating pattern and harmony of the colors gives it a sense of balance and harmony that is found in nature. Rugs from this time period and region are highly collectible for their color, patterns, and rarity.

Antique Chinese Ningxia rugs are known for their softness and loftiness. The term Ningxia is now used as a term to describe carpets of particularly high quality and design. Antique Ningxia rugs refer to the style and colors that are typical of the region. They are often formal, understated, and the designs are simple. The style is unique among antique Chinese carpets and this rare and collectible carpet will bring a classic character to the room, as well as to add a significant piece to any collection. Regardless of its intended use, this early 18th century Chinese rug will become a cherished heirloom piece that future familial generations are sure to appreciate and love.

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