Antique Cloud Band Dragon Design Chinese Pillar Rug 71794


Size: 4 ft 4 in x 6 ft 10 in (1.32 m x 2.08 m)
Origin: China

Gorgeous And Artistic Antique Chinese Cloud Band and Dragon Design Pillar Rug, Country of  Origin: China,  Circa Date: 1900 – China is one of the oldest and most ancient rug weaving traditions in the world. These magnificent antique Chinese rugs have been popular since the 18th century, and they continue to make their way into modern decor. This one features ancient symbolism and charming dragons against a magnificent goldish color. This was more than likely an antique Chinese pillar rug and dates from the 19th century.

This rug features a classic Chinese dragon design and represent an important element of Chinese mythology. Antique Chinee rugs like this one would be perfect area rugs for the floor of your Asia themed room or as a beautiful wall hanging Tapestry. It is beautiful rug which was woven in China from a time when these antique rugs were becoming popular throughout the world.

This Chinese rug also features a classic cloud band rug design and is perfect for any area of the room where you need a statement piece. The beautiful colors and motifs of this dragon Chinese pillar rug make it stand out as a piece of artwork as well as a piece of history. It would make the perfect addition to your collection or any room of the home.

When embarking on your quest to buy area rugs, people are always looking for the best and most beautiful examples of rugs that they are able to afford. Steeped in history and beautifully crafted, antique area rugs like this dragon Chinese pillar rug are truly remarkable examples. This is the type of area rug that will garner much love and appreciating from people who see it. It is sure to instantly become a cherished heirloom rug that future familiar generations will love and grow up with.

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