Antique Chinese Peking Cream And Blue Rug 71496


Size: 6 ft x 8 ft 2 in (1.83 m x 2.49 m)
Origin: China

A Gorgeous Antique Chinese Peking Cream And Blue Color Area Rug, Origin / Rug Type: China, Rug date: 1900 – This beautiful antique Chinese rug features a lovely oversized flowing design that is set against a predominately ivory and cream color field. Surrounding the cream colored field, we first come a cross a magnificent simple dotted guard border. The next border that we see is adorned by the iconic running dog / Greek key design. The main border that comes next is dressed with beautiful version of the Wan design in a alternating shades of blue. The very last border stand is a simple solid navy blue color with no design. These borders compliment each other in such a wonderfully artistic manner, The last solid strand provides that piece and perfect frame for this breathtaking rug from China.

The flowing vines are rendered in a darker and lighter blues which creates a fascinating juxtaposition against the cream colored background of the spectacular antique Perking rug from China. This play on the different shades of blue adds so much depth to the overall composition of the antique rug. The actual floral blossoms in the main field were created with a softer lighter brown base color that is extremely subtle against the cream background. This give the flowers a feel artistic sophistication as well as creating an embossed texture for those beautifully rendered elements.

Antique rugs that are as calming as this antique Peking rug are few and far between. The relatively limited color palette of just blues and neutrals and all over larger scale designs, makes this rug extremely easy to place and position withing your current furniture layout and existing interior design approach. It is the kind of artistic element that will only enhance its surrounding without clashing or competing. Its design is spectacular and colors so magnificent that it would transform and elevate the beatify and sophistication of almost any home decor or interior design.

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