Calming Decorative Antique Chinese Design Neutral Rug 72412


Size: 13 ft 10 in x 15 ft 11 in (4.22 m x 4.85 m)
Origin: China

Delicate, transparent medallions and cornerpieces float elegantly on the field of this lovely antique Chinese rug.

Calming Neutral and Quite Decorative Beautiful Antique Chinese Design Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – Dive deep into a soothing world of intricate patterns, showcasing the mastery of antique Chinese rugs and the rich tradition of ancient rug weaving in China.

This majestic and absolutely grand antique Oriental rug — a fabulous Chinese style piece originally hand made by master rug makers in China some time during the early years of the twentieth century — is a beautiful work of art to behold that speaks volumes to the artistic ability and rich cultural heritage of the artisans responsible for its creation. Delicate, transparent medallions and corner-pieces in mid blue float elegantly on the open tan field of this lovely antique Chinese rug. The understated borders, one in fretwork and the other with vines, provide a finely worked frame that picks up the transparent graphics and openness of the field. All in all, this is a wonderful piece that would bring an unparalleled level of culture, elegance and sophistication to any home that it might grace.

One of the notable characteristics of Chinese art and design is attention to the negative space as much as the design elements. In this piece, the neutral field creates unity by picking up the sand colors in the edge and center design. The solid color also offsets the more intricate design and makes it appear bolder, larger and more brilliant.

Antique rugs like this are a decorators dream. Rugs with neutral colors such this one, make placing rugs in rooms much easier. These more decorative rugs tend to blend in and provide a backdrop rather than fight for attention.

If you are looking to buy area rugs for you home, and you love area rugs that have a more “Asian” approach or a Chinese type flare, then this calming zen-like rug would be an amazing choice.

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