Ivory and Blue Square Size Antique Oriental Cloud Band Design Chinese Area Rug 71495


Size: 9 ft 2 in x 9 ft 4 in (2.79 m x 2.84 m)
Origin: China

Subtle But Highly Artistic Beautiful Antique Square Chinese Area Rug, Rug Origin: China, Weaving date: 1910Remarkable antique rugs, such as this example, have a story to tell. This specific square size rug tells a story of Chinese origin. This antique Chinese rug creates both subtle and bold contrasts through fascinating juxtapositions. This is mostly achieved by layering different shades of lighter ivories against a creamy ivory background. The darker blues and corals are also beautifully juxtaposed and pop against the lighter colors that comprise the vast majority of the artistic rug from China.

At first glance, it looks like the background is one solid color. But upon closer examination, you will begin to discover that this square shape rug has a beautifully drawn out subtle designs. As you spend time inspecting this piece you will start to see the wonderful collection of coy fish, ripples of water, flowers and cloud band designs.  These embossed symbols create so much subtle artistic presence and add to the historical feel of the captivating Chinese rug.

One of the most fascinating aspects of this magnificent antique Chinese carpet is its outermost guard border. This border is framed by touches of darker blues / almost black triangular designs that pop against the embossed inner design as well as the lighter color of the background. Creating the perfect complimentary frame, this guard border gives a sense of completion and perfection that is seldom seen in the textile arts.

This Oriental rug dates from around the end of the Qing Dynasty and reflects the grandeur of China’s last empire. Chinese art during the late Qing Dynasty was an expression of cultural values and ideals of the time. Each motif and color used had a significant symbolic meaning, many of which have been lost over time.

This antique carpet reflects a sense of order and hierarchy that epitomized Chinese culture of the time. This aspect is embodied by the layout of the bold motifs and emblems that are arranged in a geometrically precise pattern. The exacting symmetry of the central field design of this Chinese rug brings a sense of order and calm to the rug.

This rug, which is a true Chinese collector’s piece, reflects the preciseness of late Qing Dynasty artistry. It is a statement piece that can speak on its own just as easily as it could blend into the background – probing a springboard for color. It would make an excellent feature piece in minimalist decor but is bold enough to carry the weight in a traditional classic design. It is sure to work in almost any interior design approach and has a classic timeless feel that embodies the historical period that it represents.

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